Trees From Spirea?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by planeshavings42, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. :) Hello all, I have heard from a reliable source that the spirea bush or plant? can be used to make excellent "Very Realistic" model RR trees, but when I went online to research the specie, I find that there are many different variety of them, some with large 2 to 3 inch leaves, some called babys breath, etc. Has any one any more information on using this stuff? And if so could you enlighten me as to which type I would want to use. This would more than likely be usefull to nearly everyone on the Gauge

    Thank's planeshavings42 :wave:
  2. yellowlynn

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    I haven't heard of the spirea, but many use the caspia. I have seen some beautiful trees that I researched at a florist shop they think is Mingo. They'll call me when they get some in and I'll let everybody know.

  3. Knighthawk

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    I have "Babys Breath" and "Bridal Wreath" Spirea in my yard and both make excellent trees for my N Scale layout.

  4. WOW, just what I was hoping to hear, this may be a dumb question, but does it grow large enough to use on HO, and do you think it will grow in the Mid West, as in Michigan?
    Thank's for the super quick response.

  5. Knighthawk

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    It sure does, I live just across the border in Ontario, and I have several bushes in my yard, all at least four feet tall, so I see no reason why you couldn't use it for HO Scale. I hope it works out for you!

  6. Will_annand

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    Kevin, when is the harvest and where do you sell the surplus? :D
  7. Knighthawk

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    Hey Will, you can usually harvest Spirea twice in the growing season. In my area it is usually in July and again in September if you trim all of the blooms off after the first harvest.

  8. Will_annand

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    You say you are "just across the border in Ontario" I am up in Huntsville, in the heart of Muskoka. I can't recall seeing any spirea up here, we do have seedum though.

    Would you be able to post a photo of spirea for us guys "not in the know". :D
  9. Knighthawk

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    I don't currently have any, but I'll see what I can find.

  10. jim currie

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    craft stores and florest shops have babys breath or bridal wreath.
  11. Tileguy

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    I ran into this stuff the other day, its called Marsh Pingrass and it grown in low ground marsh area's.
    I gave it a quick spray paint just to see if it had potential.
    As is it looks like it would almost do as a Lombardy Polar tree. this is untrimmed and sprayed only so dressed up with some foam and trimmed some i believe it has potential.
    It certainly would make a good forest filler behind your nicer front line trees i believe.
    What do you think??

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  12. Knighthawk

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    That's not a bad specimen at all, it should look good on your layout. I'm still looking for any pictures that I might have of Spirea, but not having any luck. I would imagine that there would be some on the 'net though.
  13. zedob

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    I'd watch out how you walk around outside with that after it's been painted. Someone might mistake it for marijuana:D .

    I think it looks great, but I'd like to see how it looks in a scale setting.
  14. Will_annand

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  15. Relic

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    Another plant that can be used as trees is astilbe. It's another one that seems to have a lot of sub-species but there's at least one that makes a pretty nice coniferous.I had to paint the ones my neighbor gave me but they look ok but for the stems are a bit small compared to the rest of the "tree"
  16. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    We have a couple of astilbe (a type of spirea) bushes in the yard, & I've used them from time to time for trees...
    This pic is from my HOn30 layout...the brown tree in front of the rock outcropping is a sprig of astilbe used as is...

    I've also used seedum, crepe myrtle, & this great little weed I found last fall...My trees aren't that highly detailed or anything...I just glue ground foam onto the branches...
  17. Knighthawk

    Knighthawk Member

    Hey Will,

    That looks similar to what I've got, except the blooms on mine are only about two thirds the size of those, and I also have it in a sort of salmon pink colour as well as the white pictured there.

  18. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    In most cases, what you are after is the flower part of the plant. However, some of the woody growth of various species is also useful for "armatures".

    Will - the problem with locating "spirea", which almost certainly grows in and around Huntsville is that it is a "generic" description for a family of plants. I will ask my better half (who runs the gardens at our place) for some other suggestions.

  19. Will_annand

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    You the man, Andrew, thank you sir. :thumb:

    announce1 Being in N Scale, I only need trees 80-100' tall.
    That would be 15-19CM. OR 6-7.5" for the metrically challenged. sign1
  20. :) Hey, I have learned a lot from one question, and am very greatfull to all who took the time to read and respond. I have ordered on E-Bay the Caspia, and it look's like it will do the job just fine. I'll post some pictures when I receive it, and in the meantime if anyone is interested in following up, the "Buy It Now "item number on e-bay is: 4361021915.

    There is a also seller of the bush, item nr: 2392463188 that you would plant and grow in your own yard, But let me receive my order for the dried and Treated ones that are supposed to last for ever as described by the seller, and i'll let everyone know how it turns out.

    Thank's again to all of the great answers.

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