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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by jimbob005, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. jimbob005

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    hi all just want to know how make trees and to do some water please some pic would help me i trying to do a bit of water but want to make it as good as i can with help from you please thanks james
  2. Tyson Rayles

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    James there is quite a few how-to's on these things in our Academy. They include pics as well as text.
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  5. jimbob005

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    i live in the uk i had a look around are pound shops but carn`t find any thing like that here i may just go and buy the trees but that water looks good can you get the same thing from P.V.A glue???
  6. jimbob005

    jimbob005 New Member

    thanks heres a pic of my layout it only a small lay out but going to take my time and do my best with it

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  7. Oroka

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    I am not sure what exactly 'PVA' glue, is, I think it is white paste glue IIRC... but no, I don't think you can. Envirotex is a specialty product used as a lacquer substitute, I think 1 layer of Envirotex is equal to 7 coats of lacquer... or something like that.

    I am pretty sure you can get it in the UK, it should be a common hobby supply. I recently found it in a local hobby shop, which seems to have a lot of nothing (stuff I don't need), but they did have Envirotex.

    Also, search google about trees. A friend of mind has used some sort of small shrub twig, painted it brown, and put torn up scotchbrite pad fibers all over it to make decidious looking trees, and with some extra detail, they could look pretty realistic.

    note: I didnt even notice the baby in the corner of the pic untill my girlfriend noticed it at a glance.

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