Tree material in craft stores?

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Kevinkrey, Jul 8, 2008.

  1. Kevinkrey

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    Today I was near a micheals store and stopped in because I needed some white glue (my ballast Q's thread) and I remembered I wanted to look at the stuff I see in magazines where they tape a few branches together of real plants, paint, and cover with ground foam. I think its the same stuff in the scenic express tree kits. But I found nothing real similar, what exactly is it Im looking for? If you have a clue about what Im talking about.
  2. nachoman

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    I think Caspia is one that is commonly used...

  3. CNJ999

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    While craft stores do carry a number of dried plant/flower material that can be used to create tree armatures by creative hobbyists, none even come close to resembling the structure of those found in the Scenic Express Super Tree kits. Those come from some sort of imported Scandinavian bush-like plant.

  4. Kevinkrey

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    Scenic Express trees are awesome:), but you pay for it:(. But Ive never tried them, so I may have to try. Although At the craft store I did see some white things (no clue what they were) that looked like they might work, AND they were a perfect color for birch trees are what Im trying to make. In all the articles Ive seen, they tape a few together, what do they use for tape?
  5. CNJ999

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    Kevin - this is what you can get out of the Scenic Express Super Trees kits if you work carefully:


    Kinda tough to match using any of the craft store items.

  6. Kevinkrey

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    Ive never used them, so I cant be 100% sure on the price. But if you dont mind, about how much did it cost to make that many trees?
  7. nachoman

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    CNJ999 - that's awesome!

  8. CNJ999

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    Kinda hard to say exactly, Kevin. That photo probably shows 50 trees and bushes made from Super Trees. I simply bought Scenic Express' $110 box of Super Trees 'bush' alone (i.e. not the kit with the flocking material/glue/etc., which I purchased separately because my scenery was to be of a specific autumnal hue). From that one box, I've so far created 300+ HO trees, countless bushes, and still have material left for another 35-50 or so more trees to finish out my layout.

    If really pushed into a corner for a per tree cost, I'd guess about $.50 to $.75 each, when the paint, hairspray and ground foam flocking are all included. I would venture a guess that in N, such a box would provide close to 500 trees/bushes and the cost somewhat less per tree.

    [​IMG] (another scene on the layout illustrating the use/appearance of Super Trees)

  9. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Great stuff...! Your work is fantastic. I always liked the "autumn scene". :thumb:

  10. doctorwayne

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    Great looking scenes, CNJ999, and a nice mix of colours on the trees. :thumb::thumb:

    Not sure what the white things might have been, although Baby's Breath has small white flowers on a delicate but nicely-shaped branch structure. You might be able to make some birch trees using them with some poly-fibre stretched over to support ground foam foliage. You'd have the paint the stems, though, as they're green.
    The tape that you refer to is called florists' tape, and should be available at any craft store. It comes in many colours, including white, and is used much like friction tape - it stretches and is only slightly sticky, but it works well for holding multiple branches together.

  11. TrainNut

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    At Michaels, I use a product called Candy Tuft. Check out my tutorial here to see how I used 'em.

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