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Discussion in 'RC Offroad Forum' started by dp2209, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. dp2209

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    Hi, I am just getting started into rc electric's and have puchased a stampede..I want to hop it up and was wondering what type motor, esc and gears should I use, should I do anything to the transmission? And has anyone ever did the "put the motor in water" to break it in as I saw in a Traxxas form? Any other advise would be welcome, thanks
  2. Camaro454

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    haha well i never heard of breaking in a eletric motor by runnign it under water but it doesnt sound like a great idea, that can cause crosition and ive had brushs go bad after they get wet, Im not 2 sure about wut gear ratio u should run but u shouldnt have to touch the tranny, in my Stampede i seriers wired 2 3000 battery backs togther and taped them on top of each other, then i used a Trinity Monster Stock motor with stock gearing, i also used my MSC becuase in my option for speed a MSC is better being its basiclly a toggle switch, if u r going to seris wire the packs ur going to have to run the reciver on 4 AA batterys or else ull frie up all ur servos and stuff.. iff u do these simple things ull have the truck runnig 35mph+.. i was very pleased with the results i had and i only melted a coupe wires off the MSC, also let the truck cool down if ur going to run dual battery packs... lol have fun and good luck, i have a ton of fun with mine
  3. mavrick0

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    Well take that last post and ignore it. It's not done a lot anymore but you can break in a motor using water it's just a matter of when it's done spray it out with motor cleaner and then put a drop of oil on each bearing/bushing and you'll be good.

    But since you want to hop-up the truck there are a few things you want to do. First replace all the bearing carriers with the RPM 5x11 bearing carriers. They will add a lot of strength and the larger bearings will last longer then if you just replaced the smaller 5x8 bushings traxxas uses. The number one motor/ESC combo for the Pede is a Novak B/L Super sport plus set up. It will give you great runtimes and lots power. Now with this power you will want to replace the idler gear in the tranny with the traxxas aluminum idler. Now you want to be able to transfer the power to the ground and this is done very well buy using Proline Mashers 2000 tires. Also you will want to look at upgraded shocks. There are a lot of different types out there from the Traxxas big bores to any number of other manufactures but the stock shocks are very weak and if you take a large jump you will blow the shock up. Well hopefully that will keep you satisfied for a while but there are a ton more things you can do. Check out these sites for a lot of great info.
  4. dp2209

    dp2209 New Member

    Thanks Maverick for the advise and the sites I will be making some of the upgrades you have recommened and let you know how they work, thanks again and any other helpful hints would be welcome,

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