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    I am a big fan of the game Traveller 2300. It is a low tech science fiction game. The starships have a gritty, realistic feel to them, not the science fantasy feel of Star Trek universe. There are several sites that have done 3D ilustrations of some of the ships, but as far as I can tell no one has a model of these craft.
    Do any of you talented designers think you could turn some of these ships into card models
    This is the Martel Fighter and the Soldat destroyer from the Etrange 2300 website. They are based on drawings from the original game published by GDW (now defunct).
    I have know idea how to start, so I one you designers wants a crack at a line that unmodeled, I would be extremely happy.


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    They do look like they would make some excellent paper models. But I am not really well versed in design and if I did volunteer to try it, it would probably be a few months before anything concrete would develop.
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    Just took a quick look at the site you provided a link for and the more I look at the ships the more I like what I see.
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    All of the different modules that project from the hull, and the saucer shape in the last pic, are spin habitats to provide artificial gravity for the crew. in combat these are retracted to reduce the target area and increase the manuverability of the ship.
    Weapons consist of short range lasers and long range missiles and sensor drones.
    The game describes space combat of this era as "hide and seek with bazookas."
    Great game, great starship concepts and a "real" feeling to the whole system.
    If any one is interested, here is the link again

  6. Is this a video game or is it related to the old pen and paper rpg? I played a game called traveller many years ago, but all I can remember is that there were a lot of rule books and my first character died before the game actually started!
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    1990s RPG and Tactical Game supplement. It was a lower tech version of the gaame you played Traveller. It was a continuation of the the aftermath of the wwIII game Twilight 2000. Both games were owned by GDW. Traveller 2300 later changed its name to 2300AD to avoid confusion with the more space opera-esque Traveller.
    These ships are from the tactical game paired with the RPG called Star Cruiser

  8. Thanks for the info - I didn't know Traveller had survived the 80s ;)
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    Checked out the link provided, lots of very interesting ships there to model. Thanks for sharing!

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