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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by zot, Jun 26, 2008.

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    I was looking through some free model links and came across a link for a horten flying wing and an FA200 hosted on this Japanese site Those are no links for those planes right now, but there are a few racing P-51 mustangs that I am interested in downloading. I know that the files are password protected and the site lists the passwords. The problem is that I can't quite understand what they are trying to tell me to use as the password. I am using the Bablefish button provided on the site for translation but it doesn't seem to understand every meaning, so, to me anyway, it leaves some gaps that I'm apparently not able to overcome. Is there anyone out there who is familiar enough with this site that can help me understand what I'm needing to know? I hope I'm not being innapropriate for asking. Thanks

  2. I can find all the models, but where are the download buttons? You said the P51 Racer could be downloaded, but where?
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    If you are using the translated link, it's the dark gray button that says Between Rainbows. That will get you to the page with the files.
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    Thanks Tim,
    That translation was easier to understand.
  5. Thank you. Are these the only models there to download? And if so, where are the passwords?
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    Supposedly, the password, or at least a clue, is supposed to be in the box to the right of the Between Rainbows button. I haven't gotten it to work yet. That's where my misunderstanding of the translation is giving me problems.
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    A lot of the models pictured there seem to be commercial kits, you are most likely looking at build thread type pages, the models are not available to download and if they were, would be in breach of copyright and the links in this thread would disappear :twisted:.

    The P51's appear to be trotskiy planes, a designer who is known to rotate his available downloads so that only a few are available at a time, usually his name is the password for his files, but that's not working on those particular pdf's.
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