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  1. winterschmied

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    Hello to all,
    at this link: Canon 3D Papercraft - JAGUAR-Mk2 SALOON
    you can download a Jaguar MKII Saloon for free. But i have a question: In the intro you can read about "sash-type doors and windows". My english is a bit rust so i can't translate it to german:confused:. I've heard that winchable windows are'nt that new in the late 50's, and have never heard of winchable doors:mrgreen:. So if anyone is able to translate or describe it to me feel free and help me to polish my english a bit.:thumb:

  2. Amazyah

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    That's a good one!sign1
    I have been speaking English all my life and I have no idea what they are talking about! [​IMG]

    Somebody needs to help me polish my English too!:twisted:

  3. winterschmied

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    Hi Russell,
    it comforts me a lot that you as a native haven't heard about this.:wave:
    Maybe there's anyone at this planet who knows about:confused:

    who knows: hope will die the last (hope it's the right term??)
  4. dansls1

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    I wonder if it's the fact that the windows aren't 'framed' by the door at the top. Meaning if you roll the window down and open / close the door - you just have the metal at the bottom and nothing above where the window would be.
    Just a guess though - not really sure.
  5. gnAsher

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    Jotwe, your question has me intrigued! I was looking at the instructions just last night. I didn't notice the "sash-type" windows reference as I was looking to see how difficult it is to build! A quick Google of Jaguar and Sash-type windows comes up blank! But sash-type windows seems to indicate windows that can be opened up and down (now standard on a car and common in houses) rahther than side to side. Could it mean that the MKII was the first to have windows that rolled down into the door frame? Just a thought!
  6. SCEtoAux

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  7. dansls1

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    I can say for certain that this is not the case - I grew up riding in a '51 MG YA that had roll-down windows.
  8. winterschmied

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    i've never imaged, that even in the english speaking countries the term "sash-type doors and windows" isn't really known. I thought that 'to sash' is the same direction as 'to sink' or 'roll down', but i have a little problem with imaging "sashing doors".:mrgreen: In a german cardmodelers forum i was adviced, that in the late fifties roll-down windows aren't that new even in that conservative GB.:twisted: My opinion is, that the windows sink completely into the door, without any frame, and if you open the door you'll have it without glass, like dansls1 said. Maybe the "sash door" is only a mistake by translating from japanese to english?

  9. rowiac

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    I did a little research on the "sash-type" window question, and the best I could come up with is this.

    The Jaguar Mk.I came out in 1955 with thick, heavy frames around the windows. These frames were part of the main door stamping. When the Mk.II came out in 1959, Jaguar had realized that the thick frames were not needed for strength and they used thinner chrome window frames that were separate pieces from the main door skin. This might be what the reference to "sash-type" windows means. If you compare pictures of the Mk.I and Mk.II in the link below, you can see the difference. I suspect that the Japanese to English translation is part of the problem.

    Here's a quote from Jaguar's Compact Saloons :

    'By now Jaguar had realised that the original shell was over-engineered, and William Lyons brought his famous styling skills to bear to improve the shape of the new ‘Mk2’. The thick door frames and small windows made way for stylish chrome window frames and a much larger glass area, giving the Mk2 a fresh, modern appearance and a much lighter and more inviting cabin."

  10. winterschmied

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    Ok, a new idea. Stylish chrome frames that are sashed into the door and windows that will sash into the door. Sounds very logical to me and will explain the 'doors and windows' in the intro. If there aren't any other arguments against i will accept this as a transfer to my question. But any other solutions are welcome too.


    @ roger
    I've done the Yamaha MT-01 engine too and put it on my staff of undone things when i found myself counting cooling fins at other motorcycles;)
  11. I know this is a bit late as it is adted Oct 2006 but I can tell U that sash windows in cars are those that are raised & lowered using a canvas strip about 2-3 inches wide with holes in it to set the window at different hieghts if needed also here in Oz we have sash windows in house where the window has a rope either side of the window surround and and counter weight attached so the window can be lifted without too much effort, modern home now have wind-out windows. I hope this clesars up your problem even though it's 12 months late.
  12. rowiac

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    Desert Rat,

    Actually I think you are only 2 months late since the thread was started in July 2007. In the US we call the windows you described "double hung" windows.

  13. Ok that's fine I was just cruising the site when I saw it and thought that I would throw in my 2 cents worth as an Aussie who lived in a home with sash cord windows and knew a little about the car that had the canvas sash straps. Just a litle bit of info no worries rowiac.
  14. dansls1

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    Actually thanks for clearing it up - it's nice to know for sure what they meant ;)

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