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  1. Louis R

    Louis R Member

    I am working on a new model from GPM (1-16 scale Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.G) and they have a general key legend with some instructions which which explains what the asterix marks mean on the parts sheets. My problem is that the Polish which I have tried to translate with does not make sense to me. Is there anyone here on this List who is Polish or can read Polish who can translate a few lines of instructions. You can find a JPEG file of this text which I have scanned at:


    Its quite critical to me because I am not sure if some parts I need to laminte on 1mm card?

    Thank you in advance.
    Louis R
  2. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    From my experience, the single asterisk is to be laminated to another layer of cardstock (about 1/2 mm), and the double asterisk is to be laminated to 1 mm cardboard. I am at a loss myself regarding the triple asterisk...obviously something about textured something...might be 2 mm cardboard or photo matt board.
  3. kkorycin

    kkorycin New Member

    (glued onto means reinforce with)

    Parts with 1 star* should be glued onto cardstock (they not very clear on thickness, im assuming bristol or something like 67-85 weight)
    Parts with 2 stars** should be glued onto 1mm thick card
    Parts with 3 stars*** should be glued onto two 1mm thick card (essentially 2mm card)

    Places on parts that have a red part number indicate place to glue another part onto.

    Parts with part numbers in blue lettering indicate extra parts for a full version (perhaps a different version of model)
  4. Louis R

    Louis R Member

    Thanks Guys.
    The bad news is that I have not done the laminating to the chassis and looks like I have stuffed up the model. Oh well looks like its going to be re-order the model. :cry:

    I should have asked here first before assuming I understood the translation.

    Thanks again
  5. Jim Nunn

    Jim Nunn Member


    If all you need are the hull formers for the model contact me off list and I may be able to send you what you need.

    Jim Nunn
  6. Louis R

    Louis R Member

    Thank you for your assistance but what I have assembled is beyond the tank chassis former and actually laminated the inner and outer skins to it. I have also added some of the external parts to it ie, service plates, etc but none of the main wheel components. So I don't know if I can redeem the model now. Let me know if there is a way to fix this model - I guess my enthusiam to start this one overtook my stabdard procedure to closely scrutinize the building instructions.

    If you can help me out I'll contact you off-list, and if not thank you anyway again.
  7. Scorpio

    Scorpio Member

    Hello Louis R,

    I didn't know that you need translation.
    Next once, if you work with Polish model, then that something you doesn't like to understand I translates for you
    I am always glad if I can help for others.

  8. Louis R

    Louis R Member

    Thank you Scorpion. I should have asked for some assistance on this one in the first place. Oh well you live and learn.
  9. cygielski

    cygielski Member

    There are several master builders on the Polish forum who advocate discarding formers in tank models and building up the outside structure with cardboard -- it's much more true to life and allows you to build up the interior if you want. My advice is don't throw the model out, see what you can do with what you have.


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