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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Sticky Fingers, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. I recently ordered the GPM kits of the Bismark, USS Missouri, Prince of Wales and USS Saratoga. While looking at the Bismark and Missouri (the kits are beautiful by the way) I found myself facing that old problem for North American modelers. The one of tranaslation. Is it possible to get instructions from the Polish and German kits producers in a translated form. Unfortunately HS German was a long time ago and I am having a hard time finding a Polish-English dictionary. I know there are web translators for the various modeling sites (now if I can just remember where the links are)
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    I Hear Ya!

    Funny that this should come up today! I just placed an ad on our internal Intranet BB for a Polish translator for the instructions for a couple of my kits. I have had several responses. I'll keep you folks posted as to how this works out!
  3. CharlieB

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    Have you tried using Babelfish for your translation?

  4. Kaz

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  5. CharlieB

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    Does anyone know of a translation program for Slovak to English. I tried Babelfish, but ot no avail.

  6. Kaz

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    czech to english and back again

    Now this one is rather good, it will understand what you are trying to say and appropriate the correct grammer for you
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    I seem to remember reading that gpm and Halinski will email you English instructions upon request. However, I'm not sure if they have them for all their models or if they're any good.
  8. Some of GPMs kits come with English and German instructions. But others don't. I suspect at some point in the last couple of years they decided to include them as a way to increase sales. I e-mailed GPM about it and I haven't got a reply back yet.
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    I purchased 3 Halinski models a couple weeks ago, through a secondary company linked from this website. After receiving them, and deciding that English instructions might be a good idea for this, I emailed Halinski, and received a reply that they do NOT supply translations for their directions, and directed me to the retailer.

    The retailer replied by email that they were shocked (!!) that Halinski didn't supply translated instructions, "especially since he knows how many of his models are being sold abroad."

    I must say I was a bit disappointed in that.

    Mike W
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    German translation


    I just bougt the Bismark from GMP. I did not find the geerman translation. But for me I can also use the German tranlation. Could you please send it to me.

    Thanks in advance.
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    It seems like the publishing companies now see that the amount of non Polish speaking/reading buildes increases , they offer more and more english instructions.
    But when It comes to instructions....nothing beats good 3d drawings.
    And that kind of instructions also increases!
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    Any help for Czech to english translator?

    I also need a good Czech to English translator for my, mainly Formula One models. Those that I have found need laborious typing in of one sentence at a time only to return gibberish. I also have dificulty trying to type letters with emphasis marks as well and would welcome advice.

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