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    Im looking to buy a better quality lionel O guage engine amd was wondering if the transformer from a starter set would be able to run this engine or will i need to buy a better transformer and if i doo what you would recomend thank you
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    power options!

    Hello sp2207:

    Welcome to The Gauge! I am not into Lionel, but HO. The rules still applies. I have been told that most train set transformer are under power. Yes you can use it on your layout, but only run 1 engine at a time. There is also the resisance factor. The more track you layout, the more resistance you will have. What does this do for the engine? It slows it down to dramaticlly! It could even stall the engine on the far side of the layout.

    Now we come into lights and such. They use the same transformer that powers the engine. The more lights you add, the slower the engine will go.

    Here's what I did for my layout. I baught a MRC (non-dcc) controller. For my lights, I use a spare Ham Radio power supply.

    What am I doing with that Life-Like transformer? It's running my Christmas train under the tree!!!!

    I hope this helps.

    Happy Holiday's,
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    Don't mess around, it can cost you. Contact The Charles Ro Company;

    Tell them what you have and exactly what you think you want to do. They'll set you up right for Christmas!:)

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