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    I remember the kids in school playing with the vastly inferior Gobots when Transformers hit the scene... The cartoon played on Saturday mornings here in Ohio, USA and I looked forward to it all week. My two favorite original sets were the Dinobots and the Constructicons.

    Had a "triple change" model, transformed from a robot to a space shuttle to a steam locomotive, of all things. Always wondered how that was supposed to work... how often would changing into A TRAIN give a strategic advantage in large scale mechanical combat???

    Masamune, have you seen the newer set of construction vehicles that combine into a large robot? I have a set, there are only 5 instead of 6 and they are pretty darn cool

    Anyway, cheers to you - your projects are nice work

  2. Buildking/Landfill or whatever they're calling the newest recolor. I'm more interested in Dreamwave comics' "War Within" Devastator (If it had existed before I started designing my Devastator...).

    Hasbro used to recolor minimally for characters (twos and threes), or the peculiar multiple recolors of Devastator (but they didn't change the product identity). I've been severely disappointed with their current extreme capitalist policies, I don't care to promote this company.
    Hasblow's 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime was resculpted by Lorena Bobbit!

    As for Astrotrain... yeah, the locomotive only makes partial sense and only as disguise in limited scenarios. Blitzwing (tank/jet) has better feasibility. Flattop (super carrier/fighter jet) I have no idea; the size change is just too radical, even with the "hyperspace shunt" some fans speak of it just doesn't seem wise to ram so much of one's mass into a transitional state. Octane (tanker truck/aircraft), well I could go on like this but it is safe to say that Transformers story concept is Sci-fi, mechanical design is Fantasy.
    Nostalgia makes everything good ^_^

    I own so very few Transformers toys.

    Grimlock is one of the Autobot leaders (from the original comicbooks) and thus firmly on the design list. I have rough design sketches for a transforming version matching with the 13cm Prime. Trying to keep ease-of-build with that size and still maintain mechanical reconfiguration traits is achievable in sketch, but has not gone into CAD design yet.
    I take firstborns, souls and US currency in small bills. Don't need any kidneys ^_^

    I have a spreadsheet list of 166 subjects with more that have not yet been categorized and added. The American G1 Transformers leaders are there. (Alita One, Fortress Maximus, Grimlock, Rodimus Prime, Megatron, Optimus Prime, Scorpinok, Shockwave, Starscream, Ultra magnus...).
    My eclectic tastes include Ra (Super Atragon), Jeannie (I Dream of Jeannie), Gin Rei Robo (Giant Robo special episode) and the rocket car (Buckaroo Banzai). Someone called me a masochist ^_^

    You, me, Rick, and a few others yet to declare... we're a minority here. By what percentage? We could start a poll.
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    Hi All,
    You can count me in the Anime My taste runs more toward SF mechanics in general, however Thunderbirds is probably my fave, right ahead of Gundam. I didn't get to watch Transformers or read the comics much. I think my interest was diverted by Star Wars around then and I never recovered :lol:

    Masamune, I've checked out all your pics here, at Smartgroups, and on your home page. I am most impressed with your designs. Simple, yet detailed and elegant, but most importantly BIG! I haven't built any yet but they are on my to do list.

    I am interested in model design as there are a few ideas I have floating around. Any tips or pointers you can offer will be most appreciated since I am essentially starting from scratch. I hope I can contribute in some small way too.

  4. Designing methods are as varied as religions in the world.
    I use a combination of 3D CAD surface modeling, 2D CAD, and artistic license to produce results. Drawing from my experience with many other hobbies over the years and several years designing for aerospace.
    I've been slowly collecting my processes and philosophy into a design manual, it's not very presentable yet.
    The forum "Designer's Corner" ( is here for this purpose, and some of us can offer private (e-mail) assistance as well.
    There are also various online "tutorials". It really is a journey of self discovery, we can load you up with data, but it is up to you to forge out methods that work for you.

    As for my models being BIG, many were designed at half the release size, but I end up enlarging due to consideration for those who don't have needle-nosed pliers permanently attached to their fingertips :D
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    This Convoy comes from WF 2005 winter.
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    i like to see more paper tranformer !!! There was the one site but it been gone for while now i like to see ( Jetfire or Predaking ) A guy i worked with have all the real one plus, some there never send here !! i have a few a the combiner one in good shape a littler dusty ha ha ha hope somewere down the line someone make more paper one .

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