Transformers Complete Collection!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by paper-toys, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. bl4ckkn16ht

    bl4ckkn16ht New Member

    are those all papers papertoys?

    what awesome collection you have there!!!
  2. Assiah

    Assiah New Member

    The Mr. Potato Optimus is strangely....attractive.
  3. linnamillet

    linnamillet New Member

    oh my. they don't just like transformers. they really love it!
    nice collection btw.
  4. Best

    Best Guest

    amazing...superb...i must admire your interest and love for transformers. its totally terrific.
  5. mailamaynard

    mailamaynard New Member

    oh my. this is one hell of a collection! i wonder how many years it took you to get all those up.
  6. dissidia

    dissidia New Member

    nice collection dude
  7. harry1

    harry1 Guest

    Hey that's amazing.... really awesome
  8. miley

    miley Guest

    Awesome!!!!!!!! my childhood fantasies
  9. dersinas

    dersinas New Member

    Wow, the space alone you need for that. Impressive. I love Bumblebee. I have one 30 cm Bumblebee Model here. But wow!!!

    Do you prefer the Comic series or the resent Movies?
  10. Iron Duck

    Iron Duck Member

    I think I would have to go into that room with my hands behind my back.. Otherwise, I would want to touch every single one of them...
  11. KainHarrison

    KainHarrison New Member

    Wow, I've never seen so many Transformers in my life, and that Mr. Potato Head Optimus Prime, sweet!
  12. GM1983

    GM1983 New Member

    Nice, do you have Crystal Starscream in there?
  13. UK_Cougar

    UK_Cougar New Member

    fantastic collection.. haven't seen some of them in decades... some never before.. truely awsome collecting skills
  14. josheppaul

    josheppaul New Member

    I have never seen these kind of transformers in my life before, your collection of all these transformers is awesome. I really like all these and also want to buy something in them. I think you also love transformers.
  15. mbnaoj

    mbnaoj New Member

    Autobots rules!!!:mrgreen:

    Good collection
  16. malgan

    malgan New Member

    What an amazing collection and the memories that it brings back! Thanks for sharing!
  17. cthree

    cthree New Member

    impressive....most impressive
  18. Wow very nice. I only have a few of those.
  19. madmax355

    madmax355 New Member

    man thats one big collection you have there.
  20. bl1tzz

    bl1tzz New Member

    hmmm... only in my dreams...

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