Transformers Complete Collection!!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by paper-toys, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. poorleno

    poorleno New Member

    lol that is an amazing collection my mom still has some of our old transformers in the closet, I love them. Also still have the original movies on VHS.
  2. JEStudios

    JEStudios New Member

    Very nice collection wise I had something like that...
  3. paper-toys

    paper-toys FOUNDER OF PAPER-TOYS

    Yea, haha. Wow this thread is old. I wonder why I got a notification.
  4. ErikFox

    ErikFox New Member

  5. Napoleon1

    Napoleon1 New Member

    ooh yeah...
  6. Jade Giant

    Jade Giant A Smasher Of Things

    I used two have a collection not unlike the ones posted but my missus (Emma) had twins so i sold all but my jp collection series and my G1 dinobots the money paid for total re dec and furnishing of the nursery their 1st yr of clothes and a flat screen 32" tv. not bad for some second hand toys :)
  7. nikole957

    nikole957 Guest

    nice... i only have a few original g1 floating about
  8. jooshman

    jooshman New Member

    Wow, that's quite an impressive collection dude!
  9. DanielHillery

    DanielHillery New Member

    The thread is old but the topic are updating since the movie we are talking about never ends. I just thought it was unfair when they replace Megan Fox. She acts so good and she's pretty hot.
  10. jkennady

    jkennady New Member

    Wow, amazing!!!!!……… how can this possible? Good hobby!!!
  11. smoe

    smoe New Member

    Ha! Wait until my sleeve is done - i'm about 85 - 90% finished on my left arm. All decepticons. Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, constructicons, frenzy, lazerbeak, ravage, and rumble. Starscream is so high up on my left arm it goes into my armpit. The Pain!

    I'll post photos when it's 100% done.
  12. Rider_Birth

    Rider_Birth Watcher

    wow, very fantastic collections!:thumb:
    i have a dream to collect the transformer toy too!
  13. alphyon

    alphyon New Member

    its really awesome !!!!!!!
  14. paperdave

    paperdave New Member

    They would probably transform into quite a pile
    of cash today.but its still an awesome collection.
  15. Will J.

    Will J. New Member

    That is a helluva nice collection. To have this collection as a kid would have been awesome - although you would have had kids queing to be your best friend and to come over and play. Awesome!
  16. ko2011

    ko2011 New Member

    Its looking very nice collection and I loved it…
  17. Azurial

    Azurial New Member

    i envy you... my collection is tiny by comparason im going to have to go to the TF dealer down the raod from me and try and catch up! haha
  18. El_portus

    El_portus New Member

    Awesome indeed. Great collection you have there, pal. :thumb:
  19. Gangster

    Gangster New Member

    Oh man, that’s a whole cupboard of the transformers collection, I’ll have to admit that you’re a bigger fan than I am.
  20. primal

    primal New Member

    an amazing collection!!!

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