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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by ejen34, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. ejen34

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    I have just taken the plunge into DCC, hmmmm. My layout is N Scale 12x8' running never more than 2 consists of 8-12 cars at a time. Usually just 1 train at a time tho. Of course this may change once I get the DCC setup installed. Question, unpacking the Digitrax Empire Builder II that I purchased, it came with a MRC AD515 transformer which I believe is 16VAC @ 3.5amp PS. At first glance I'd say for my needs this is adequate, however as I grab the manuals it seems there are a lot of functions I never dreamed I could do. Also I read that under powered PS' can be a problem with the supplying proper input power and blowing fuses. In short I am a bit concerned. Is this MRC AD515 PS reasonable? Will it be adequate to handle more than the basic functions in the future? I'd really appreciate hearing from folks.... Thank you very much!
  2. Gary Pfeil

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    Digitrax doesn't supply power supplies so whoever you bought the system from must have included it. I haven't read of any problems, but then I'm not up to date with recent events. The system is capable of 5 amps, tho with your power supply you'll be limited, this doesn't seem like a problem tho, since your draw will be significantly less than that. In N scale I imagine locos dwar about 1/4 amp each. I don't think any of the functions will draw significant power. I would suggest a seperate power supply for switch machines/motors. The dcc system can still activate the throwing of turnouts. Not sure why fuses would be blowing.
  3. RailRon

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    Hi ejen, welcome to The Gauge!

    I think your configuration shouldn't pose any problems at all. 3.5 Amps should be more than enough to run at least 3-5 looong trains in N scale (provided you haven't more than 20 year old model locos with coffee-grinder electric motors :D :D).

    So enjoy your Digitrax DCC system - LOVE it! :thumb:

  4. ejen34

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    Thanks guys, this may be a question that is often asked, however, why is it that Digitrax does not ship setups with transformers? I do not understand?
    DCC is looking really exciting, the sky seems to be the limit!!
  5. caellis

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    Most DCC manufacturers do not include a transformer as their product is sold around he world. Other countries ie: European use different A/C voltages and therefore it is safer to not include a transformer that may have an incompatible primary.
    It is easier to buy a transformer locally that would match your A/C PRIMARY voltage.
  6. ejen34

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    That makes so much sense I am ashamed I did not figure that out caellis, darn :(

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