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    Rapidshare Red Lion

    Rapidshare Green Lion

    Rapidshare Yellow Lion

    Rapidshare Blue Lion-link updated 7/14/08- found missing parts

    Megaupload Voltron Papermodel

    Fish4Files Black Lion

    Fish4Files Red Lion

    Fish4Files Green Lion

    Fish4Files Yellow Lion

    Fish4Files Blue Lion-link updated 7/14/08- found missing parts

    Hello All, I have been lurking around here for a while just coming by every know and then to see the models some of the members here are designing. I have never seen such a vast collection of talented modelers in one place than here. Anyway, since I decided to design a voltron model I thought why not post it here. My model in the end will consist of all five lions from the cartoon series, they will all transform from lion to voltron mode. So far I have the red and green lion done and the blue lion is almost done. As you can see in the pic the legs fold up and down, the head rotates so when transformed he can hold his sword:twisted: also he pivots at the waist/elbow. So I was thinking it would be kind of cool to have 4 beta builders, so when completed our names will be on individual lions, my name on black lion and etc. If anyone is willing post your e-mail and I will shoot you over a beta build version of the red lion to help to point out and fix errors. here is two pics of my beta build.

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  2. Getter1

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    Greetings Voltron5,

    First off welcome to the boards :D

    Your design is lookin great so far. I would like to give it a go as a BETA builder for you.

    My e-mail is,

    Do you have any plans on doing the Vehicle Voltron in the future?

    Getter 1
  3. voltron5

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    I was thinking about making it. Although, what was it like 20 vehicles? might be pretty difficult to get the mechanics down. I'm sure I will try though. Sending you over the file shortly
  4. aaronlam

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    Excellent !! eager waiting the other 4 lions :)
  5. voltron5

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    the blue lion is almost ready for pepakura, just needs his legs:thumb:

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  6. Getter1

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    Hello Voltron 5,

    Just finished downloading. I'll be printing it out in a few minutes. Ihope to get started on it tomorrow.

    The blue lion is coming along nicely :D

  7. Master-Bruce

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    This is looking great! Well Done!. Oh, and a BIG welcome! :)

    There is another Voltron model in the design works by another member here. Though he seems to be really busy with the real world lately as he doesn't post here too often at the moment.

    Still, the more models the better right? LOL

    Vehicle Voltron would be cool. I remember having the toy of that one as a nipper.

    Getter will see you right as a beta builder. ;) I eagerly await updates and Getter's build pics. :)
  8. allhallowseve

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  9. voltron5

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    just a little update, needed a break from designing so I built the waist/elbow peice for the red lion. Does anybody know where to get some good reference material for vehicle voltron?

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  10. Master-Bruce

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    Afraid not. Why not try image hosting sites? People generally post pics of anything! LOL. No doubt someone somewhere has posted pics of Voltron figures?
  11. Arjun

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    I liked the Vehicle Voltron a lot more on TV. That was a lot faster in action and a lot less melodramatic. That had some 15 vehicles which came together, and I guess that will be a lot easier to design for paper construction.
  12. Getter1

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    Have you been getting the e-mails I sent you???

    From what I've built so far the parts build up easy enough. i've found a few mistakes to report but the BIGGEST PROBLEM I've got is not all the parts sheets are porportioned alike. My rear body and head had to be re-printed at diffrent percentages to make them work together. I didn't notice this problem till I was joining the rear and front body sections to the wasit/elbow joint.

    I'm ceasing to build anymore till that's fixed as I can't keep re-printing parts over and over agian. Ink is expensive for a DELL printer :(

  13. voltron5

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    Yeah, sorry I didn't e-mail you back yesterday I was working on editing the 3d model to make it easier to build and fix some problems you helped to find(thanks again):mrgreen: I just sent you an e-mail with the new files for you to look over, let me know what you think. Found some excellent reference material for vehicle voltron. I will start on this one once the lion voltron is completed and will be released in teams, Land team, Sea team, and Air team.

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    blue and yellow lion pretty much done and ready for unfolding. Unfortunately I think I need to remodel the red and green lions heads, when I send them to pepakura the texture is not in place so I have to export to bitmap and photoshop in the color where missing. Which I think is throwing off the scale on some pieces.wall1 Would anybody be willing to look at the model of the head to see where I went wrong?link just in case, I use google sketchup.

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    Hey everyone, another update here. 3d model almost complete all that is left is the black lion. The Red Lion is ready for release, but first I will do a build myself taking pics (along with getter1s pics)along the way to use for the instructions, and when getter1 finishes his beta-build I will release. As far as releasing the model I have decided to release it in a locked pdf format(pages can't be extracted) but I would like to know what your opinions are on the best format to release in, just out of curiosity. Also would everyone prefer rapidshare, megaupload, or can I upload directly to this site?

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  16. Master-Bruce

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    Looks great buddy. Though for downloading when you release it, any chance of somewhere other than Rapidshare? I (and I know others) have problems downloading from that place.
  17. Getter1

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    Hey V5,

    You can always have it hosted here ;)

  18. Bradley

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    Can hardly wait.

    I have been a fan of the lion voltron for wears. How big is he going to be when built? I have the old toy voltron and he is is pretty big and I would love the model to set up beside it. It would reall be something to see.
  19. voltron5

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    Still not quite sure how to go about releasing. Should It be a model you can only get exclusively here, or put up on megaupload, Rapidshare is a no as people seem to have trouble downloading from there(thanks Skupilkinson:thumb:). I could use some advice from some experienced designers on how they go about releasing there models, this is my first model and I'm not really sure how to approach releasing it. Also I would like to be able to track the number of downloads it gets(personal satisfaction I suppose)

    @ Bradley, The model should be really close to the size of the toys, I used to have the original toys when I was A kid, but that was years ago:rolleyes:. If you could though I would greatly appreciate some measurements so I can gauge the size of the model that way I can be sure it is accurate. I don't remember if I mentioned that I was going to be releasing in 2 scales one the size of the toys and one twice the size of the toys. My ultimate goal is to make this model simple to build yet strong enough to where a kid can play with it.
  20. voltron5

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    almost forgot new pics.

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