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Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by Mike B, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. Mike B

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    I have been searching, but unable to find anything close enough to the transfer caboose I want for my "Monon" layout. It is short, looks similar to a bay-window(but it isn't) and has a rather extensive front and back "porch"

    I am relatively new to this hobby, and would appreciate any suggestions as to how to approach building this little transfer caboose.

    I tried to attach URL for photo-hope it sticks.
  2. Mike B

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    can be seen at
  3. Iron Goat

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    Does anyone know the "time line" on the transfer cabs ??? When did they first appear on the various RR's ?

  4. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    Bob: Canadian National seems to have started building transfer cabeese in 1977-1980. There are still 3 on the roster. (Based on 1986 roster)
    But I seem to remember models of the "shed on a flat car" type from the 50s or 60s.
  5. ak-milw

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    If you go to the Walthers site and search for transfer caboose you should turn up a kit by Moloco. This kit and a 40' flat car should give you want you want. All you will have to add are some railings, I made mine with .040 stryne angle and .010 wire.
  6. Mike B

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    Thanks Andy,
    I checked it out.
    The Monon Transfers have a longer "Shed', also-forgot to mention-I'm talking "N" guage.
    This does give me an idea or two-like 'chopping" a bay window and mounting it on a flat car. Worth a try I guess.
  7. sw900fla

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    Transfer caboose option

    If you are talking about N scale , you might want to use the prototype method, convert a caboose. Some home-shop bulit RR cabeese from old boxcars.

    If you can get a picture of the top , find a similar box car and cut the ends, sand the sides, add windows and the Porches.

    Might be worth a shot.

  8. CN1

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  9. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    MR ran an article about building a transfer caboose based on a flat. Sometime in the 1990s - check the Index of Magazines at

  10. COX 47

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    Mike are you modeling Monon in N scale? doyou have any pictures? Have you done any engines or cars yet? I did a lot of railfanning on the Monon a few years ago.I did some stuff in HO but am working in N now.....Cox 47
  11. Mike B

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    First off - sorry for the delayed response. I am out- of - town through Mon through Wed.
    Along with the two Atlas H15-44's ( #45, &46) -I have re-painted a UP RS2 Black and gold. It came out pretty good for who did it! Haven't got ant lettering on it yet. I have a few Monon decals.

    I have been buying Monon cars as I can get them
    There are five diffeent boxcars (40') out there. I have seven of one, and at least two of each of the others. I have three Gons, and four hoppers.

    I have painted un-decorated NE-6 cabeese, (red) but they are also awaiting decals, lettering, etc.

    I don't have any photos-don't own a digital camera. I know- disposables, etc. Just haven't gottoen around to it.

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