Tramps, Hoboes, and Bums on the Erie Northshore

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    Here are a few resized (smaller) shots of the TH&B picking up some interchange from the Erie Northshore in Port Maitland, Ontario. GP-9 403 is a modified Athearn geep. Her prime mover has been replaced with a can motor from Mashima and her trucks upgraded from the old metal ones.

    GP-7 76 started life as an Athearn dummy. She's also been modified to match her prototype and has received new trucks and a new can motor. Both units have been ballasted substantially, for extra pulling power.

    These two units were featured in Model Railroader's Paint Shop, in February, 1980. Both were built and painted using photographs to ensure accuracy. Bells, with scratchbuilt brackets, horns, and mu hoses are from Detail Associates. The torpedo airtanks are by Juneco. The paint is Polly S, no longer available, custom mixed to match photographs and applied with a brush. Lettering is C-D-S dry transfer alphabets, used as a masking device, since no properly coloured lettering was available. The heralds on the cab sides were done freehand with a fine brush. I eventually painted over 50 of these for a nearby hobby shop, along with about 15 switchers in the same paint scheme. Since that time, C-D-S has released properly coloured lettering and Life-Like Canada has released the entire TH&B diesel roster in their Proto2000 line. And done a much nicer job on them too! (Although these two could probably outpull that entire roster.)

    The tonnage moving out behind the two geeps is led by a CPR doubledoor boxcar. This is an Front Range shake-the-box-barely car, with upgraded steps and grabirons. Paint, including weathering, is from Floquil, with lettering by

    The TH&B boxcar is an Accurail car, with upgrades, including underbody brake gear, similar to the CPR car. Floquil paint and C-D-S lettering again.
    The slab side covered hopper is a Sylvan kit, same paint and lettering as the first two. The weathering job is from a photograph and is not an exaggeration. These cars were used in phosphate service, although this one is carrying granulated GERN Brand flux, as are the dozen or so EG&E covered hoppers following.

    I hope you've enjoyed this brief look at the TH&B.

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    Shoot here I thought somone might actully be featuring some good old HOBO LPB front and center on a layout:(

    But good lookin set up just the same:thumb:
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    Great stuff - superb weathering.
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    Wayne - your work never fails to impress!! You need to get published!


    PS - Seriously - I have some contacts who can help if you'd like to submit anything to the magazines. Send me an email.

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