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  1. WOW trainclown, that is great. i would have never thought that i could get that much excitement into that small of a space, you really know your stuff. just out of curiosity, what degree curves are we looking at here? i know the reverse loop is 18", but i was wondering about the rest. the software you used to create this with, does it produce a list of track materials? just wondering, it would be easier to buy the supplies if i know how much of what i need, i could just buy a little at a time. im still stunned at the imagination you have to create such wonderful track plans, this one is great, and i really appreciate the time and effort you put into this too. my wife even looked at the track plan and said she liked it, she said it was different and thats why she liked it. she even agreed to let me purchase the additional code 83 track and switches also. oh, by the way, what size of turnouts are you planning on this? trainclown, i dont know how i could thank you enough for all the time and effort you put in on this, but if you ever need something i can help you with, please, let me know. well, time to start figureing this out now, but i will keep you and everyone else updated with pictures of progress. thanks again trainclown, your great!:thumb:
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    TRAINCLOWN : You do impressive work.
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    :thumb: Wow

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    Nice work TC!

    Steve, you'll have your "work cut out for you" with this one.

    I wonder if Steve could expand the corners a bit and let TC broaden the curves some. This looks like it will be a very nice layout and it would be good to have minimum radii greater than 18" if possible since 18" can be very restrictive. Just an idea that you've probably considered. :)
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    Thanks to everyone for the positive input.

    TrainSteve: Most of the radii are greater than 18". I should have guest this info was needed and posted the specs. What I would do to build this layout in the most efficient manner is this:

    Remove the existing bench work above the staging yard only. Build the staging yard and ascending and descending track, including the part that passes by the main yard. Run trains, and make sure this part of the layout worked flawlessly before going on and building the main line. I would use the existing bench work as the platform for the staging yard.

    I would build the new support for the main line with open grid work, cut the road beds from plywood and support them on 1"x2" attached to the grid work. Easy to adjust the height and angle of the track this way. I assume your familiar with this technique.

    Anyway, that's how I would make a start. More to follow about radios and stuff.

    You know TrainSteve, I'm from Richmond, a suburb of Vancouver B.C. It is located on Lulu Island in the mouth of the Fraser River. Right on the SW corner of the island is an old fishing community called "Steveston" They presently spent millions restoring the old Gulf of Georgia Cannery, the last of the big canneries. Here are some pix of Steveston

    TrainClown :wave:

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    The back of the cannery. From Gary point.

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    Most impressive, Trainclown. I raise my Bowler hat (with a squirty flower in it) to you.

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    Fishing boats along the warf.

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    :wave: Thanks Trainclown for helping with the track plans, sure did a fine job there. :thumb: Also thanks for the link to Steveston, man that sure is pretty there. I never made it to the west in my travels but man that sure makes me wish I had. Thanks again, Jim
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    You are very creative, looks great :thumb: :thumb:
  12. TrainClown

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    Radii of Curves


    Yup. I got ya the radii so you can see what's what. Any questions? Just post it for the fix. :thumb:

    I could send you more detailed plans if you want me.

    So yer gonna' build it? This is exciting!!!! :D

    TrainClown :wave:

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  13. hey TC, thanks for the radius' on the track plan, they will be very helpful. yes, im gonna build it, after all, you took a lot of your own time and effort, only thing i might do is try to make some of the curves larger radius, not sure yet though! if you have more information for this track plan, please post it as it will really help me. the more information i have, the better off i am:confused: thanks again for the help, i will keep you updated!:wave:
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    yep, you can increase the radii I should think. The dimentions of the plan are 10'x16' but the real room is 11' something, and not 10'.

    TrainClown :wave:
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    The plan looks like it has a lot of scenic possibilities. I just wonder if you will ever get tired of continuous running? You've only got one set of sidings to work on the layout outside of the yard.
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    Russ: I had intended to make the passing siding by the ocean front just a siding. In fact there was a siding on each side of the river. Then I thought it made more sense as a passing siding. This is an idea of what could be. I'm sure TrainSteve will make changes as he sees fit. That would include adding sidings as he saw the need. :confused:

    For instance, like this one in a likely spot. :thumb:

    At least he has an idea of what to shoot for. :rolleyes:

    Best wishes. :)

    TrainSteve: More info to come soon.............I hope! :confused: :rolleyes:
    TrainClown :wave:

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