Trainspotting in Rural Missouri

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  1. Hi folks! My father and I went trainspotting this past weekend, and despite the bitter cold and a touch of snow we managed to find some good places to land pictures.

    Enclosed are a couple of highlights, and a unique trailer system I've never seen before. And then a mystery!

    1st: a UP hopper set running fast near Tipton Mo.

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  2. more.

    I should note my father took the best shots, he's "John Sneed" on this board if you guys happen to see him. I just did the photoshop work.

    2nd, a unique Truck system in Centralia MO. We have never seen anything like this, a system with a sigle rail wheelset fitting the fore and aft of a tractor trailer on some how. Sort of like those old log trains where the timber itself would span two rail trucks.

    Turning radius must be limited, and length as well unless the trucks are reinforced I would guess. More on them here

    Could this be the future? :) I'd like to try and model this somehow. Would be a unique addition to a layout.

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  3. Closeup of the bogeys

    Here's a trio of close ups on on pic, check out their website for a stand alone pic of the wheelset.

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  4. 4 ghosts

    On the drive home just south of hallsville, we spotted 4 abandoned cabooses on a siding. They are an Illinois Central, two UP's, and a Southern. They were about a half mile from the road, so we ended up having to do some off road driving through someones empty field and a slight trudge in the snow. However there was a fence line packed with brush and small trees I didn't want to cross, so apologies for the unclear pictures.

    Does anyone know -anything- about why these cars are here? Or who owns them? In the spring we decided we'll head up to the nearest crossing and just hoof it down to get a better look.

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  5. southern caboose

    Southern Caboose

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  6. illinois central

    the last one : ) Sorry for modem folks who have to DL these!

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  7. Ben H

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    I would say that you had the best of all days. A crisp day with some very crisp pictures of trains.

    Good deal all around.
  8. BDC

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    What scale do you model? Deluxe Innovations has released these before in Nscale and is working on a second run right now.

    Also, in the March 2003 Model Railroader, they talk about the Amtrak version of the Roadrailer (which is the name for what you saw) and how to model them in HO and N.
  9. Thanks for the link! I haven't received my march MR yet, (if I have, my father has hidden it till he's finished) but will look for it! We model HO scale, so may have to do some creative building with the MR article you mentioned.

    Funny note, the modeling link you sent me was about 300x more informative in less space then the actual corporate site concerning bimodal freight. It answered most of my questions except for how it turning radius is affected by a non-coupler train.

  10. kf4jqd

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    Caboose Question?

    I like the pictures. I REALLY like the caboose pictures. However, I do have one question. Do they ever use them? Or are they setting on the tracks to decay? That would be a waste for me. A train isn't a train without the caboose!:D

  11. They appear completely abandoned. In the spring, we're going to trudge up there from a crossing and get the numbers. I'd like to find a way to track them down online, or recuit someone on here with access to do so in our stead. Would be nice to do that for engines we see too.

  12. Russ Bellinis

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    Those trailers are called "road railers" they have no problem going around curves because the trailers are mounted on pivots in the center of each truck.
  13. trainworm

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  14. Woodie

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    Roadrailers or "Trailerrail" have been around in Australia since 1994 at least.

    Apparently Wabash in the US holds the patent/licencing etc, according to this.
  15. Woodie

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    Oh... and you can get them for MS Trainsimulator under Aussie Rollingstock. here
  16. Superb pics! The Aussie counterparts look a lot larger then the yank ones, and 3 axles! Thanks for the info, I plan on aquiring some of the bowser models mentioned previously for H.O.

    I had no idea there were add-ons for MS Train Sim. It was a christmas present last year, and I've already "worn it out" so to speak, moving on to other computer games etc. Going to have to re-install now that you've given me a peak at the mod community. Thanks for the post!


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