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    Trains Unlimited
    Monday , March 12 5:00 AM-6:00 AM
    The Engineers
    A profile of the "captains of the tracks", the men and women who pilot some of the most powerful machines ever built. We'll talk to locomotive engineers about the railroad's romantic past, watch them guide today's sleek super liners, and take a peek at their future. TV G

    Trains Unlimited
    Monday , March 19 5:00 AM-6:00 AM
    Presidential Trains
    Hop on board these vehicles of hope and promise, and sometimes bearers of death and despair. Ride the rails as the chief executive journeys into America's heartland. From Andrew Jackson's 13-mile joy ride to the solemn processionals of the assassinated Lincoln and Kennedy, travel with the U.S. White House on Wheels. TV G
    Trains Unlimited

    Monday , March 26 5:00 AM-6:00 AM
    Railroad Police
    Ride shotgun along with the folks who protect trains, passengers, and cargo on American railways. From the gunfighters in the mid-19th century, the Civil War's Pinkerton Detective Agency, to today's special agents with federal authority, they pursue the bad guys who would derail the system. TV G

    This is a "cut & paste" right from the Histoy Channel's website. I do beleive these are Eastern Times. Set those VCR's!

  2. N Gauger

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    They Are Eastern time... Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

    My wife says if I buy One more Train, she'll leave me...
    Gee I'll miss HER!!!! :) -- N Gauger
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    That's a pretty good series- sad thing is there are no more of them. For better or worse, the History Channel replays them continuously. Which is OK, I guess- I've managed to tape them all.
    If you haven't seen them, check 'em out!
  4. George

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    Why do they always run it when I'm sleeping? Guess I have another reason to call in sick!

    Has anyone seen the program about how the railways built Canada? Some BoZo chincing on production costs peppered the series with Union Pacific shots. We had a good laugh at a Chinese track gang that was supposed to be in Ontario.

  5. grandmesa

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    That's where a VCR set to tape the program comes in handy. The downside to that is you also wind up taping all the commercials. The upside is you have it to watch later ( you can always fast-forward thru the crap to get to the good stuff).

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