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  1. Woodie

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    Thought I'd put this little beauty up for all to see. It runs in mid north Queensland, and has a weekly passenger service.

    The Gulflander
    and here as well.


    I'll go on it one day!! Trouble is, it's a week (or more) drive away from Sydney!
  2. Bob Collins

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    Where does it go and what can I see and do if I ride it? I'm planning to be in Brisbane in June 2003, so if this is close by I may want to give it a try. I'm sure my wife is only going to put up with riding just so many trains, so I'll have to pick my spots carefully:D

    Is it possible to ride the train (not this one) from Brisbane to Sydney? If so, how long would it take? May want to try that too.

  3. Woodie

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    middle of nowhere.....


    Normanton (where the train originates) is out beyond the Black Stump. Normanton has a pop. of about 1,500, and is at the base of the Gulf of Carpentaria, and the local Shire covers 68,000 sq kms (28,500 sq miles), with a pop of about 2800. The line runs for about 150 kms to Croydon (pop. 316) and runs once a week (wednesdays) and return journey on Thursdays). Average speed of about 55 kph (33 mph). What is there to see? Absolutely nothing but scrub. Not even farmland. But it IS the outback. The nearest main centre to Normanton is Mt Isa (a mining town) and that is 500 kms (300 miles) away. Mt Isa is the largest city in the world. (pop 25,000 and area of 41,000 sq kms (17,000 sq miles). Mt Isa is 1900kms (1200 miles) north from Brisbane by road. Could be a bit far to go just to ride a train! But well worth the experience, and as you can see by the figures I've quoted, there is NOTHING there, but magnificent country (all flat, no hills), and an experience of the outback.

    Yes. You can go from Brisbane to Sydney by train. It runs once a day (daytime) from Brisbane, and overnight Sydney to Brisbane. It takes about 14 hours. The Brisbane - Sydney journey would be the one i'd reccommend as it is daylight for the journey. One way fare is $110 economy, $154 first class, and $231 for the sleeper compartment (overnight journey). ($AUS of course). Plane fares are as low as $80 one way Sydney - Brisbane. However, you can get a "railpass" for overseas visitors for a period of 1 month for $198 (cheaper than one return Syd/Bris ticket) that will give you unlimited travel on NSW trains (including journeys to Brisbane and Melbourne), however is economy class only. Sydney - Melbourne is about 11 hours. This railpass would also give you the opportunity to travel on the Indian-Pacific (Syd - Perth) as far as Broken Hill in western NSW (journey about 16 hours). However, you may have to wait 2 days for the train coming the other way to bring you back to Sydney, and it is an overnight journey each way. You can also get a 14 day pass for $165.

    Just $AUS/2 for $US.

    Just let me know if you wanna know anything more!
  4. Bob Collins

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    Hi Woodie;

    Thanks very much for the great info. I very much appreciate it and will print it off and store in my Australia travel folder for later.

    From what you have said about the train travel to and from Sydney and Brisbane my initial guess would be that we would try to fly into Brisbane, attend our conference, spend a few extra days there and then ride the train to Sydney, do what ever else we are going to plan to do and then fly out of Sydney toward home. I would like to spend at least a couple of days in New Zealand too after traveling all that distance down and back. I would love to have the time to ride the Indian Pacific, but we just don't have all that much time. May try to figure out a way to get to Melbourne, but even that would be iffy. I'd love to go to Tasmania too, but..........

    Anyway, many thanks for all the great info. I did look at the website for the Normanton train, very, very interesting, but again, our dreaded enemy time becomes a factor. We are going to have to start making a list of things we want to see while visiting there and see if we can get it all squeezed into a reasonable amount of time!!

  5. Woodie

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    This little beauty!

    And what about this little beauty! Puffing Billy! Especially the downloads! TOOT TOOT!

    Click here for Puffing Billy

    OH... and turn your sound card up too!! :)

    I first went on Puffing Billy in 1961, for my 5th birthday. :cool: :cool:
  6. Woodie

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    .... then there is this one.

    And this one.............

    The Katoomba Scenic Railway. The steepest railway in the world!
    It was originally a coal line, but converted for tourist use now.

    Click here

    Check out the technical details and virtual ride!

    This railway is bout 90 mins drive/train trip from Sydney.

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