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    Those locos used in The Ghost and the Darkness belong to the museum where I volunteer. The loco with the bench in the front is a "Kitson" tank loco affectionately known as Kitty and she is the oldest loco in Africa- well over 120 years old. Used to be owned by ESKOM- South African Electricity supplier to South Africa and a few neiboughring countries.

    Also the othe loco is a Class 6A- also over 100 years old, still in use by the museum.

    As a matter of interest, besides a lot of films showing or featuring trains a lot of American films/ TV shows feature a train blowing it's horn in the distance.
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    I finally figured out how to capture stills from DVD's so that I can find a cool train pic and make a new avatar. balloon6

    Thank you to whoever mentioned using POWER DVD to me.

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    I didn't verify the facts, but after my wife and I watched "3:10 to Yuma", she did some searching on the Internet about the movie.
    She found that there were some director mistakes in the movie.
    There was a picture of the train in the station that show air-brakes on the underside which wouldn't have been invented at the time the movie was supposed to take place.

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    I've seen in many movies that the loco types or facing position change too!

    EDIT: Also notice in emergencies how hard it is to apply the brakes?? Train drivers are super heros!
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    If you watched the Special Features of 3:10 it was amazing that the final sequence, set it the desert in summer, was filmed while there were THREE FEET OF SNOW on the ground! :eek:
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    I just remembered another movie to add to the list. I was watching a video done by chessie4155 and in one scene he showed a pickup truck going down the rails. It reminded me of a movie I had seen long, long ago called The Flim Flam Man. In one scene they took a (stolen) truck, let some of the air out of the tires, got it on the tracks so that the deflated tires were on the rails and away they went. Of course you knew that at some point they HAD to meet a train. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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