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  1. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    I think that it would be easier to name western movies that DIDN'T have a train in it. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  2. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    There aren't many of the buildings, but you'll find a few at 3:10 to Yuma (2007) - Movie Pictures | Stills | Poster -
    More at 3 10 to yuma movie - Google Image Search
  3. steamhead

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    "Once Upon a Time in the West"...A good movie (if you like "hard guy" W'terns) with Branson, Jason Robards, Henry Fonda and Claudia Cardinale...About building a RR station on time or the widowed Cardinale will lose title to the land.
    Also a movie referred to as "King of the North" is actually "Emperor of the North"...
  4. roch

    roch Member

    "BAD western"?
    I am going to try to find some ref pics for you Doc.


  5. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    There is another way to get the pictures you want. If you have a DVD player on your computer many of the software programs will allow you to capture snapshots from the screen. Watch the movie and whenever you see a building that you like take a snapshot of it. Save them to a file and refer to them or even print them out if you like.

    P.S. "Gandhi" A train going through India with about a gazillion people in, on top of, hanging off of the sides. There may even have been some riding underneath it. :eek: :eek: :mrgreen:
  6. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday Member

    Thanks for the offers to help and the DVD suggestion. Unfortunately my computer does not have a DVD player. I'ver also spen a few hours surfing the web looking for pics but the sites I've found all seem to have the same production stills but no pics of the station in Contention. :-x

    My layout is home to the B.A.D. Western, which is perhaps better known (but then again, maybe not) as the Bovee & Defiance Western. It serves the mythical cowtown of Defiance which is the setting for my layout. My original inspiration came from the Rock Ridge layout in MR years ago and it took off from their. My intent is to model many stereotypical movie western scenes.
  7. KCS

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    This thread bring's up a question on a specific movie. I saw it only one time when I was younger on HBO I believe one night at my grandmother's house. I can't remember the guy that was in it but he's an old man gray hair etc wear's glass' and has played in a couple of these Medicare commercial's on TV and he "owned" (?) a locomotive and railyard somewhere in the country and a major railroad was going to take him and his crew out of business so they pack up after the yard run out of work and took a trip to Missiouri (I believe if I can remember correctly) on a GP 7 or 9 highhood. I saw this back in the 90's when I was around I'm guessing 7-10 year's old and haven't seen it sense and all these year's I've still been trying to figure out the name of it. Anyone want to take a shot at the title?
  8. KCS

    KCS Member

    Thank ya Charlie. (funny we have the same name) That be the one alright. They only have it on VHS but I'm gonna try and get a copy anyway when I get the extra money. Thanks again.
  9. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Doc, if you intend to model movie western sets it might be worth it to buy a DVD player for your computer. They aren't very expensive any more and snapshots of frames could be a great asset to you.
  10. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    I've got a couple obscure ones that I saw as a kid:

    The Grey Fox, true story of train robber Billy Miner, co starring a former CPR steamer.

    Journey of Natty Gann. Its a disney movie obout a girl who travells from Chicago to the pacific northwest to find her father in the thirties. It has alot of trains that she hops to get there.
  11. e-paw

    e-paw Member

    The Taking Of Pellem 1-2-3, from the early 70's. great movie filmed in the new York sub-ways. A remake is now in the works. More NYC sub-ways in THE WORRIORS.
  12. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Okey, here are a few more for you:

    Throw Mama From the Train - Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal :thumb:

    Flashback - Kiefer Sutherland and Dennis Hopper :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Night at the Museum - Ben Stiller :thumb: :thumb:

    and who could forget Lawrence of Arabia with Peter O'Toole :cool:
  13. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    The Cassadra Crossing


    Night Train To Berlin

    Murder On The Orient Express

    The General

    For those interested in Western History and looking for a new and different setting for a layout involving a film set: Deadwood.

    The series stopped short of the point when Deadwood constructed it's own narrow gauge shortline railroad to haul its gold more efficiently. Tons of reference material for buildings and all else on the DVD's of three seasons it ran. Probably ought to have Sweringen in there somewhere, maybe in the logo. :cool:
  14. e-paw

    e-paw Member

    Hears another one if you don't mind reading subtitles or speak Slovak 'closely watched trains'. It takes place in a Czech town under German occupation during WWII. Lots of steam throughout the hole movie, Very Very, cool. Blockbuster online has it under foreign films. IT got lots of good reviews.
    There is also a TV series called 'Trains And Locomotives' on the RFD network that is pretty good. Just check if your cable co. carries it. Also the DIY network should start a new season of 'Working On The Railroad' next month.
  15. e-paw

    e-paw Member

    Just another thought, One of Edison's first movies was basically a camera man strapped to the front pilot of a CNJ steamer on a main line passenger run. So trains have bin in the movies since the very beginning.
  16. e-paw

    e-paw Member

    :cool: And another one..... 'The last Detail' or it might have bin called 'The Final Detail' . With a much younger Jack Nicholson. A great great movie. It's got GG1's in main line service on the north east corridor, PRR stations, and foul mouth sailors. What else do you need in a movie.
  17. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    A much younger Angelina Jolie...:thumb:

    I almost forgot a truly funny train movie: Silver Streak with Gene Wilder and Richarsd Pryor, with a really great train crash through the main concourse at the end.

    There was also one - forgot the name for the moment - with escaped convict John Voight taking over a train and vanishing into a snow storm at full speed on a dead-end spur at the end.
  18. Glen Haasdyk

    Glen Haasdyk Active Member

    That was 'Runaway Train'. It was pretty good supposedly set in alaska.
  19. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    A couple more:
    Shanghai Noon with Jackie Chan and for horror fans,
  20. e-paw

    e-paw Member

    'The Adams family' had some 3 rail in it.

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