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  1. Triplex

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    They were supposed to be on a transcontinental line there - talk about poetic license! The only explanation I can figure is that, in the fictional world, the dream of a continent-spanning 3' gauge system (the "cloverleaf") was completed, and the DSP&P actually lived up to its name.

    North by Northwest. Haven't seen it in a while, but definitely many scenes on the 20th Century, including a couple shots of lightning stripe E-units. And at the end, a brief scene of an SP passenger that I'll always remember for having mismatched engines, one in Daylight and one in then-new Bloody Nose.
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    I cant rember much about the movie or the title, but ther was a train with a HUGE @SS bomb on it headed for somewhere in Colorado (think) and it wouldnt stop or slow down, they were trying to hook locos on the rear and apply brakes but nothing worked and the city was hit and thats all I remember. I think the locos were old CN's without the markings. ​
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    Yep! I love it when the engineer stops the train because the bridge has been washed out...only to be given a "shot of courage" and suddenly he's in a hurry to back the train up & race it over the bridge.

    Edit: Kevinkrey, I think that was Under Siege 2
  4. Kevinkrey

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    Nope, I saw Undersiege 2, this was not the Steven Segal butt kicking type movie. ​
  5. Pitchwife

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    I think the movie you are thinking of is the made-for-tv movie Atomic Train.

    Then there is the James Bond flick (don't remember which one) with Roger Moore that takes place on a circus train.

    Also one (drawing another blank on the name) where in the first part a hijacked Russian train carring an atomic bomb crashes and the nuke goes off
  6. CK Styles

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    Well this sounds fun. Mission Impossible (Tom Cruise) had a great closing scene at the end of the movie where the heroes escape by helicopter just as a bomb explodes and destroys the train carrying weapons.
  7. Kevinkrey

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    ATOMIC TRAIN!!!! THATS IT!!! thanks pitchwife!

  8. Triplex

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    Octopussy. There's an East German train behind a steam locomotive. I remember it was a tank engine, and since the movie was 1983, I'll assume it was a BR 86 2-8-2T.
  9. ASH630

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    I know of some!!

    Around the World in 80 Days with Pierce Brosnan. They travel a lot of the way around the world on various trains including an Indian train, two trains in America, then lets not forget the British train from the port to London.

    There is an anime movie called Howl's Moving Castle directed by Hayao Miyazaki that has a train in some parts that is set in a trench. Animated, but hey...

    Another movie is of course Wild Wild West. The movie was so much better because of the trains, but not much else. There were at least three trains in that movie.

    Also in The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise, there is at least one train when they are in Japan. The movie also shows Japanese people laying track.

    That is all I can think of now. I wanted to throw in the anime one because of the earlier referance to the asian movie.
  10. ASH630

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    Also theres a movie called Benny and Joon with Jhonny Depp, and theres some shots of the CN in there a few places
  11. roch

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    sign1 yes the acting sucked.

    Even though my roomate has a Blockbuster account I refuse to waste my money there. I used to work there and I got screwed. :curse:

    I am going to start ordering all of the movies mentioned in this thread from the library and get them free. :twisted:

    Thanks for the input.

  12. Pitchwife

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    Just thought of a couple more; The Money Train with Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson, and Von Ryan's Express. Frank Sinatra on WWII steam.
  13. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Also the holiday train in Trading Places. Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis are a hoot.
  14. CRed

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    The Good,The Bad and The Ugly and Duck,You Sucker!

    Have short,but memorable train scenes in them.Gotta love "Spaghetti Westerns",especially the Dollars Trilogy!

  15. roch

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    "Underworld" has a scene inside of a train. And of course All of the Harry Potter movies.
  16. cdavenport

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    Burt Lancaster in "The Train." There was some controversy over this film which was supposed to be in the running for an Academy Award. This is one outstanding film in which the train plays a pivotal role but not as a character, rather as an avatar for the main character.
  17. CNWman

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    The movies I know involving trains...

    Three for Bedroom C- some of the sets were actual Super Chief cars

    The Great Train Robbery- need I say more?:mrgreen:

    The Illusionist(?)- I actually didn't see most of this movie, but I think a chase scene in midway involved a train

    Transformers (2007)- also don't know if this is valid, but in one of the major scenes a Trackmover was moving a line of boxcars, one of them clearly read "Southern Pacific"

    Back to the Future III- trains play a MAJOR part in this part of the famous trilogy, which also includes a model train reference!sign1

    Batman Begins- use of an elevated subway

    And a total odball: Union Pacific (1939)! This one is all about the transontintinental railway, although it trie to focus more on some bizzare love triangle :shrug:
  18. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    If memory serves, the original "The Manchurian Candidate" had scenes with Frank Sinatra on a Pennsylvania passenger train powered by a GG-1.
  19. Squidbait

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    How about Emperor of the North, with Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine and Keith Caradine? Filmed on the OP&E in the early '70s, with two of their steamers. Some good train footage, to be sure.
  20. scubadude

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    There was an obscure spaghetti-western-comedy called "My Name Is Nobody". Henry Fonda played an aging gunfighter passing along his experience and wisdom to an up and coming gunfighter. From the 70's. His most memorable piece of advice was "...when you find yourself up to your ears in $#%^t, don't open your mouth..." sign1
    Lots of great train robbin' scenes.....

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