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  1. Doctor G

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    We have some interesting discussions about black powder, rifles, military ordinance and trains at our local model RR club here in Clarksville Tennessee. We are the home of the 101st Air Assault division.

    So this video is right up our alley. Check it out.

    Doc Tom :cool::cool:
  2. Mountain Man

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    Interesting. I'm a member of the original 11th Air Assault Division that tested all of the concepts, equipment and tactics from 1963 - 1966, prior to the existence of the 101st, and former paratrooper with the 101st Airborne Division.


    I'm also one of the original recipients of this - the original Air Assault Badge, awarded to those who served with the 11th AAD for its entire existence:


    BTW - the 11Th AAD morphed into the First Cav (Airmobile) when it went to Viet Nam in 1966. I served with the 226th Aerial Surveillance and Escort Battalion (Mohawk), 11th Aviation, 11th AAD (Test) (Mohawk A and B models)


    Been there and done that - interesting times.
  3. Doctor G

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    What a small world Mountain Man. Were you ever stationed at Fort Campbell here in Clarksville, Tennessee??

    We have a number of active duty and retired Army guys here in our train club. They have so many wonderful stories. The post even has its own Army RR.

    There are a couple of our guys here on Zealot that are in the 101st. Hopefully they will jump (no pun intended) in soon.

    Doc Tom

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  4. inky

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    My son was with the 101st out of Fort Campbell. I was stationed at Fort Bliss and drove to Campbell to see him when he was on leave from Iraq. Beautiful base there and big.

    Thanks for the vid. Guess it is harder than one would think to derail a train.
  5. Doctor G

    Doctor G Active Member

    Thanks for your service.

    Thank you to you both and to Mountain Man for your service to our country. It is respected and appreciated.

    Doc Tom
  6. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    Passed in and out of Campbell briefly a couple of times, but went from Benning Airborne to Korea and back to Benning and then to 'Nam.

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