Train Wreck at Willow Club Rd.

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by rksstl, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. rksstl

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    Ok here goes. I am on my own little quest to find out what happened on 7/23/01
    (1901) " Just East of Willow Club Crossing" this was hand written on the back of the attached photo. Another will come later. This is just to get it started. Enjoy, I'll post photos of the sight today also believe it or not it pretty much still the same. (I just have to get the farmers approval before snoopin around his land, I'm allergic to buck shot :D )

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  2. Muddy Creek

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    "Pretty much the same?"

    Hope they've cleaned up all those dead horses by now.

    Have you headed down to the local library or historical society? Old newspapers are great sources for all the gruesome details often written in a melodramatic & descriptive style.

  3. rksstl

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    Yes spent most of Saturday at the local library look at micro film and my luck the three newspapers were missing most of the issues for that date and a few days after. I've got them to get some other microfilm for different papers on order.

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