Train vs drunk driving van, guess who won-video

Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by antique-radio, Jan 30, 2008.

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    I was about to post a link to Foxnews, but I like your link better. I like that, Trains 2, Drunk 0...
  4. viperman

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    This whole accident happened maybe 45 mins from my house
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    I'm sorry to be so cold, but I really don't care what happens to drunk people driving a my opinion, the drunk driver got what he deserved....I just hope the engineer recovers from the trauma of the whole thing....
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    No one got hurt in the accident. A bystander got the driver out of the van, then went back to see if anyone else was in the van, just as the first train was about to hit it. Shortly after, the 2nd train hit it rupturing the gas tank
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    the video was kind of cool to watch, you don't see that every day. But having to sit through a commercial for sex in the city just plain sucks. I hate that show, it ruined the whole train watching experience.
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    I have to admit, the 2nd train reminded me of a movie train/car crash, all the flames & sparks. Nifty. My question, why didn't the 2nd train stop, after the first one it the van!?

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