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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Illus, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. jefelectric

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    I agree, have meet a lot of interesting people in the dining cars. Also interesting sights, one time we passed, at very slow speed, a circus train setting on a siding, I kept looking for the giraffe car with the hole in the roof, but didn't see it. :D
  2. Russ Bellinis

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    I used to take a lot of film with me. When I went to the "Route 66 Rendevous" car show in San Bernardino one year and shot 15 rolls of 36 exposure 35mm film in one day, and discovered how much it cost to have it processed, I went digital ever after! I would reccomend a digital camera and either an extra picture card, or if you have a laptop with photoshop take it along to download pics so you can clean the card and start over. Also plenty of batteries for the camera and what ever else you take along that requires battery power.
  3. jetrock

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    Makes me glad I got a 1-gig SD card for my digital camera!
  4. Russ Bellinis

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    I just thought of another tip for Hiscopilot if you folks are going to take the train to the Grand Canyon. If you are going to just go to the Grand Canyon for the weekend trp then go becak to Amtrak to go elsewhere, your best bet is to take the bus from Amtrak to williams and then take the bus back to Flag a couple of days later. If you want to rent a car to see other parts of Northern Az. while your there, arrainge for the rental car to be waiting in Flagstaff when your train gets in and return it when you are done with your trip and ready to get back on the Amtrak. Enterprise makes a big point about them picking you up and Flag is a big enough town that they should have an Enterprise dealer there.
  5. Illus

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    Thanks for the tip:thumb: I am a Gulf War Vet, I will have to see what they can do for me.:D
    7 Years of USAF service working on aircraft, and I'm a train nut, who woulda thought...

    By the way, we are taking the Amtrak from Dearborn Mi., to Kalamazoo Mi., (2 1/4 hours each way) to see if my wife can handle the motion, she has had some motion sickness issues in the past, so this Sunday we are going for a short trip, visit some friends in K-Zoo, and then back Sunday night...
    I will let you folks know the outcome, thanks for all the info...
  6. 60103

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    Dominic, I hope she enjoys it. We had a trip on the same route -- all the way from Dearborn to Ann Arbour where there's a restaurant in the old train station.
    I used to have car sickness; I sometimes wonder if it was a reaction to not riding the train anymore.
  7. Illus

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    OK, the wife loved the train ride to Kalamazoo and back, and gave me "2 Thumbs Up" to book our Florida trip Via Amtrak!!!

    Now I can't wait for my vacation...
  8. oldtanker

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    Thanks guys for the info posted here. I showed it to my wife who very much wants to go to the museum in Chicago in the spring. We are about 45 miles from the Am track station in Detroit Lakes MN. We sat down and figured the cost of driving, stopping to eat and so on and it really isn't that far off. With the Vets discount it's really very affordable and looks like the way to go.


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