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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by CloudStrife155, Jul 23, 2001.

  1. CloudStrife155

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    I have a LGB train 0-4-0 and it won't run right. As long as it's moving it runs fine. When u stop it u'll have to play with it to get it moving again. Can anyone help me?
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    How are you?, and welcome to The Guage train forum.

    Your problem is not uncommon. From the sounds of your posts, you have your trainset from a hand-me-down and not bought it new. A track that is 2" wide is problably O guage. But someone else can confirm that for you. I use HO guage. 1/87 ratio. I.e. 1' of model track = 87' of real track. or 1" high loco = 87" high real loco.

    If your trainset is old, and hasn't been used for a while, then all it needs is a clean. The rails should be bright and shiny (you can use fine sandpaper to clean them) and so should the wheels of your loco. For your engine to run correctly it needs a good supply of electricity. Try giving the rails a clean first. Also the inside of your loco may be dusty and dirty.

    To run two engines at the same time on the same track, you need to alter the way you control your trains. In otherwords, the control of the trains must be located at the ENGINE if you wish to run two trains on the same track. To do this you really need a good size track (to stop them catching up to each other) and can end up quite expensive, especially is you use DCC (with is based on using computer technology).

    How long is your complete trainset track?


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  3. CloudStrife155

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    I have confrimed that I have a G scale train, the trainset will cover half of my backyard :)

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