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    This is a very short product review but may be of interest to many. Ever wonder how fast, or slow, you are operating your trains? Well wonder no more! I recently purchased from Tonys Train Exchange a train speedometer. This optical sensor with bright digital display works great and was easy to install. Functions with both DC or DCC, all scales, in MPH or KPH, etc. It cost about $35. The manufacturer is TDP Associates at TrainSpeed by TDP & Associates You can see their complete product line and instructions from their site before you purchase. Believe me, it is a neat addition to any layout. I bought the single speed detection unit but they have one that will read up to four different speed locations.

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    That sounds neat. I've run a bullet train every once in a while and I've always wondered if I am running it at a realistic speed or Mach II. Usually I just "eyeball" the speed and then drop it in half and that seems to do the trick.
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    That is some neat stuff on their website. Thanks for sharing.
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    I've been planning on getting one of these indicators, probably the 4 detector version.

    It's mainly just for the "cool" factor, but it can also help to speed match locos.
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    That makes a "gadget", more of a tool! Excellent! With a specific power setting on the throttle, the speed adjustments can be accurately monitored to achieve "near perfection"!
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    We came up with this simple chart. just mark off a 4 foot section and using a stop watch you can check your locomotive speed. We had fun seeing who's steamer could chug thru at the slowest speed without stalling lol

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    If you use 40ft cars in HO, count 5 seconds mentally and count how many cars pass a point in those 5 seconds.

    10 cars = 60 scale MPH
    8 cars = 48 scale MPH
    6 cars = 36 scale MPH
    5 cars = 30 scale MPH
    4 cars = 24 scale MPH
    3 cars = 18 scale MPH
    2 cars = 12 scale MPH
    1 car = 6 scale MPH

    Just a quick method to get train speeds somewhere close to scale.

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