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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by ezdays, Aug 27, 2005.

  1. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    This thread is being started for those that want to discuss the operation of the MS Train Sim program and for posting links to add-on's and updates. :cool:

    I just loaded the program and did a few test runs. Boy, do I have a lot of reading to do.:D
  2. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    :thumb: Thanks Don, me too. The young ones will help us out. :wave: Jim
  3. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

  4. nolatron

    nolatron Member

    I just picked up the route from as well. So far it's pretty nice add-on. Still running through most of the route.

    I also have 2 routes from Maple Leafs (, also top notch add-ons. The Cascase Crossings and Niagara Corridor - CNR Dundas Sub products.

    I have a RailDriver from ebay enroute as well. Can't wait!!
  5. ross31r

    ross31r Member

    ermm, my MSTS effectively takes up the entirety of my second (older) pc as ive just gone mad and brought just about every add-on.

    We got two versions of MSTS over here - the original and the second one which had more locomotives and rolling stock on it. Think it had a few more routes too.
  6. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    From what I've seen, the minimum requirments to run MSTS are a bit unrealistic. Just for the sake of knowing what each of us are dealing with, it would be good to know what everybody has in the way of hardware. For example, I've got the following on my computer:

    P4/1.6 gHz, 512 meg, 40 gig HD., 17" flat panel LCD display, Win XP-pro, 64 meg video memory (dedicated) and Altec speakers with sub-woofer.

    They claim you can run with a P2/350 MHz and 64 meg of memory. and 8 meg of video memory

    Now, running with what I have,I found it slow loading and have encountered screens that flicker. I ran the tutorials without any problems, and took a demo run, but the second time I got in the cab and ran the train, the program froze up. I guess it could be my machine and what I'm also running in the background, but I guess I'm asking if anyone else is seeing the same things? I'm wondering if I need to run it in possibly the Win 98 compatible mode.

    I don't think it's going to have a real steep learning curve once you get familiar with the controls, but I also think it might become adictive really easy. Something neat to do when you just don't feel like doing anything else.
  7. jmarksbery

    jmarksbery Active Member

    :wave: Ok, I've looked at the pay for view ones, (add on's and rooutes) Where are the one's that say built for you enjoyment as in FREE? I don't want to pay $30 for something that cost me $9. Tight Wad Jim :thumb:
  8. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    I have a P4/1.8G/180 HD/19" Screen/Boston Sound system/Windows XP, and I have my resolution set at 1360 X 768. I catch an occasional flicker but it is not bad.

    You can try what MSTS recommends (an optimal res. setting of 1024 X 768) and see if that helps you... then you can hit SHIFT + Z and it will display the frame rate counter (the number of times per second that the screen is redrawn). Then it is a slow process of adjusting, to suit your preferences.

    Like I said, every time I re-read the manual, I walk away with something I missed before (... I guess I'm just dense ).

    Hang in there.... Bob :thumb:
  9. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

  10. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    I adjusted my settings like Iron Goat suggested and no longer had trouble with freeze up...I compromised on the quality of the scenary to get the operation I wanted and am still happy with the results.
  11. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Yeah, I found the display setting and cranked it up. The next time I started the program, the flickering went away..

    Only had one delrailment so far, I ran off the end of a siding going around 40.:oops: Just hit "esc" and the mess gets cleaned up and there's no NTSB investigations to deal with.:D
  12. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    I upgraded my PC with new graphics boards. The latest is an ATI Raydeon X 800XL and it has really improved Trainz. I am sure it will do well for MS train sim. I primarily got it for MS flight sim. I also have a soumd blaster 24bit board and a 5-1 speaker setup with sound surround so I now get blated out of my seat. The better graphics board also allows open GL architecture.
  13. Wabash Banks

    Wabash Banks Member

    Go to:

    You have to register, but it is free. There are very generous time limitation on using for free, but most of all there is a limit to the amount of free accounts that can be logged in at once. Just keep trying and you'll eventually get in. All the equipment is free. Make sure though you read the readme files. Once you pull up a particular search you can VIEW the contents. That is where you can check the readme. It will tell you if the equipment is dependant on another download as well. For example, if it says you need the ESE 2.0, then that is the Empire State Express downlaod from Train Artisan, and is not free. On the otherhand if it says it requires by so and so, then you will find the download berkshire zip on the train-sim site.
    If you get this part wrong, it will spew error messages all over the place when you start it up the next time.

    Another good thing to do is join a virtual railroad. They are an amazing amount of help. A really good forum for help with the sim is:

    Hope that helps!
  14. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    I am slowly starting to get the hang of steam operation. I had used the British steam engines several times in the MSTS program, but mostly I "fell back on" the Marias Pass and the SandPatch operations. But after a rocky start with V Scales "St. Louis and North Arkansas" steam program (circa 1900's... complete with scenery of that era), I am really enjoying steam op's.

    I was surprised how much more complex the steam runs were, compared to the diesel runs.... I'll go ahead and admit it (I backed through the rear of the engine shed in the first 2 minutes of my first run), but the STL & NA is a pretty forgiving railroad, although the "canned" comments are a bit crusty when you botch up a milk run on their "new" 4-6-0.

    Is anyone else doing mostly steam ?

  15. Wabash Banks

    Wabash Banks Member

    I'm a kettle lover! I run the diesels too, but the steamers are my favorite!
    Are you running with Otto on? He is the automatic fireman. You can turn him on or off in the settings setion on the startup screen.
    With him on all you have to do is manage the movement of the engine. It is pretty hard to run out of steam with him.

    With Otto hanging out back at the station, things get considerably harder. You have to keep the coal up. Each engine has an ideal fire mass. That is under load, approaching a station or a series of quick stops isn't the time for a large fire. You want to avoid the safety valve popping as much as possible. You let out several pounds of coal worth of steam every time that thing goes off.
    Don't forget to keep an eye on the water glass. In real steamers opeing the valves all the way up and starting the injectors in a really hot engine is a good way to cause some real metal fatigue and drop your steam pressure like a rock.
    In the game you just suffer a serious loss of steam generation.

    The regulator and Johnson Bar are used together oddly. I open the regulator to around 10% and the johnson bar at full to start. If she doesn't move I add a wee bit more regulator. As she comes up to speed though you have to begin throttling back. The easiest and far most efficient way to do this is to cut back on the johnson bar until you are at around 30-35 percent. Then use the regulator to get the speed the rest of the way under control. I usualy run with less than 10% of the regulator open. The johnson bar controls how long the steam is let into the cylinder. The regulator controls how much steam is let into the pipe. It is a little confusing but you can think of it this way. The regulator gives you steam to the pipe, the bar lets you fine tune how much of that steam makes it into the steam chests. This is critical in getting passsenger runs correct without whiplashing the folks on board. Opening the bar to 75% on a grade also keeps more steady pressure on things by blowing steam into the chest for 75% of the stroke. Makes a steady pull. It does use quite a bit more steam though.
  16. Iron Goat

    Iron Goat Member

    Yeah, I've tried it without Otto one time... I get back to that later, after I am through my initial screw-up period ! I have already decided that this is where I want to spend my Sim time... so steamers are "here" to stay.

    High greens, and clear tracks.....

    Bob :thumb:
  17. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Error 1325

    I just downloaded the TrainSimGmaxGamePax, but when I install it I get "Error 1325 gamepacks is not a valid short file name" Has anyone else had this problem? :confused: :confused:
    I'm running: P4/1.6 gHz, 256 meg, 80 gig HD., 17" display,& Windows XP.
  18. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way


    I haven't tried yet. I just finished reloading Trainsim on my new computer. I bought a new Dell, and I've been getting it set up the past few days. The last thing I loaded, not more than five minutes ago, was Trainsim.

    I got a P4/2.8 gig, 512 meg, 80 gig HD, and a way-out 19" digital flat panel display. I haven't done anything with updates or plugins since I knew this was coming up. I'll try in the morning and let you know.
  19. Pitchwife

    Pitchwife Dreamer

    Questionable Heritage

    I'm afraid that I have somehow inherited a questionable gene from an Addams family member. :rolleyes: I just took a load of intermodals over Marias Pass and had a most spectacular derailment, and spent the next 10 min ROTFLMAO :D :D :D :D
    Now don't get me wrong. I know that the object of the game is to successfully deliver the load to it's destination in one piece. However there is something about seeing 40 cars turn into a heap of twisted metal that just strikes me as hilarious. :eek: I wouldn't feel the same way about a prototypical or even a model event of that sort, but when the only damage is to a few pixels on a computer screen (especially with the graphics of MSTS) it is just too much. :D I'm afraid that as often as I attempt to deliver the goods I'll be looking for ways and places to stage awe inspiring train wrecks. Maybe I should change my name to Gomez. :D :D
  20. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Geeze, I was playing around with switches and managed to run a full train off the end of a siding. Twas nice that all I had to do was hit "reset" instead of calling the NTSB...

    BTW Clark, I sent you a PM yesterday, check your inbox if you would.

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