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    I have been watching and waiting for this simulator to start to have more information available. Check out this simulator, and I do mean sim not GAME! Sounds like it will be the best ever out of anything ever made! And when I say sounds I mean it.

    It will host things like 5.1 Surround Sound, Detailed 3-D cabs, locomotives, and rolling stock with real-world physics, functioning signals and switches, passenger/freight loading and unloading and dynamic weatherImaging. It will also have historical routes in North America and Europe combine with innovative terrain modeling, custom and automatically-generated scenery objects, and 3-D systems to enable a realistic low-and-slow experience that brings the world alive.

    The possibilites this simulator will have sound incredible.

    Check it out for yourself at:

    Below is a screen shot of the game.





    Is this something you might get for yourself? :twisted:

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    MSTS?!!!! I have the first one and love it. The new one looks 100 times better. Any idea on dates or prices? I want it!

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  4. I am also looking forward to the new Train Sim. I got the original MS Train Sim when it first came out.

    Combat, your links point to old content for the now canceled MS Train Simulator 2 that was being done with Kuju, the guys that did the original Train Sim with MS. Kuju has since released their own sim called "Rail Simulator" in Europe. They are working on a version for North America. More info here: Latest News |

    The new Train Simulator 2 from MS uses the graphics engine and terrain data from MS Flight Simulator X (which I also have.) It will feature "World of Rails", a database of almost every railroad line in the world, with several areas done in high detail. The areas not done in high detail can be added on to easily by third party developers. One big difference between the new version and the old version is the ability for third parties to add on to the sim. Something that is seen a lot in FSX, but was very difficult in the original MS Train Sim.

    Looking forward to it!

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    I think I recall seeing sometime around Summer to Winter 2008 possibly. Some of the developers regularly post in the MSTS2 (or MSTS X) forum at


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    I didnt know that. I too have FSX pro and that is going to be one sweet thing if they use that technology in train sim 2.

    The pics they show own their website, Microsoft, looks great. We will have to see if that translates to the game itself or if its just pretty art.
  7. Not familiar with it

    Hello, I'm not familiar with the Train Simulator, is it something to be used in conjunction with a computer as a game, or can a person use it to interface with their layout, with DCC? Please advise. Duane Hampton

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    Its a simulator, a game if you will. Has nothing to do with controling model trains. :)
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    Right, you get to be the enginer on a variety of trains and routes. I have the original Train simulator and enjoyed it a lot but eventually stopped using it. The updated versions sounds like it might hold my interest longer. I like the screen shot of the cab.
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    I loved the first game, I still play it sometimes :mrgreen:

    Cant wait for the new one to come out :cool:
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    Anyone use Auran? Supposedly their's, "Trainz" will so all the same, stuff, and its 3 years old.
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    Here is an update from Microsoft. I dont think Trainz can do this:





    There are loading instructions on that car. Thats what I call details!

    WOW.... NICE SHOT!!!

  13. Cannonball

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    Man, I've been waiting for TS2 for over a year.
    Now I find out it might be at least another year???

    C'mon Microsoft!
    Make with the goods already! :curse:


    The graphics look amazing though.

    FWIW, I still really enjoy TS1 :mrgreen:
  14. COMBAT

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    I know, a year... ughhhhhh :)
  15. zachary

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    yeah i have the first one also and im waiting on the 2
  16. COMBAT

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    Little update from Microsoft.

    SORRY ABOUT THE SIZE but you cant see the detail if you scale it down.







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