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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by toptrain1, Mar 3, 2007.

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    Michael : Do you remember when it was the Greenburg show. The place was full of dealers selling very little. Their use to be more train dealers. More toy and other stuff dealers are here now. I look for older stuff, tho I won't pass up Atlas or Kato if the price is right. The latest era I look for is the mid 1960's close to the end of steam.
    When you walk in their is a dealer in the left front corner with alot of interesting stuff but in the last two years has become expensive. Still he my have something. Their is a older couple down the main isle to the left right on a corner table that has always been in the same spot . I always find something their. Trucks and cars the sean setters I seam to find here all around the place. Last show one dealer was selling Atlas 36' reefers at about 30% of list. They must have bought out a train shop that went out of business. Look everywhere !
    I hope I have keept my small talk down.
  2. toptrain1

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    Green guy : As to the cabbage. You spend what you spend. Everybody is looking for something different. The EMD, Baldwin, Alco, GE, Westinghouse, Fairbanks Mooris, Lima, sales wars go no to this day. Only in scale. Everybodys got their favorite. Everybodys got their own railroad, either real on imagined. Go dig thro that stuff and get what works for you. Have a good time.
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    Well, it just so happens that I'll be in Edison, NJ on business, Wed and Thu. But it looks like I'll just miss the show! Darn!

    Are there any good model train shops in/near Edison?
  4. green_elite_cab

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    Jack : Sorry you'LL miss the show. As to train stores. Two of the best are close by. The Model Train store on Vail Ave and New Market Rd, Piscataway Nj. It is almost on the border with Dunnelen NJ. Also In Somerville is the Big Little Railroad Shop. Both are listed in the retail directory of the Model Railroader.
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    I'll be at the Edison NJ show tomorrow. Hopefully to pick up needed track to build my layout. I posted a few questions in a new thread, "CURVE QUESTION" in hopes of figuring out what track I'll need. I'm sure they had a bad day today, maybe some good deals there tomorrow.
  7. green_elite_cab

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    so will I!

    what part of Staten Island are you from?
  8. MCD4x4

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    Eltingville, walking distance from the train.

  9. green_elite_cab

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    oh, ok i'm not familiar with that part of Staten Island. My grandparents live in Great Kills, my other grand parents used to live in what has recently been turned into a Visitor's center for the Conference House in Tottenville (lousy eminent domain! its gonna be so weird if i walk in there ever again). I also work just under the Outerbridge on saturdays, so i've been all over the southern part of the island. all those burnt out barges used to be my Great Grandpa's.
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    HOW WAS Edison ?
    Michael, green guy,4X4 how did we do. I didn't get their till sunday. That storm changed my schedule. I spend alot of time chopping up ice and moving it. At days end I was tired. I was there about 8th in line when they opened up. I came away with four Pennsy diesels. 2 GP7 atlas kato drive. 1 RS1 atlas , and a factory painted Hobbyline H10-44.
    for me a good day. frank
  11. toptrain1

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    How was Edison 2 :
    I spoke to alot of the dealers. Very few people came on saturday. When I left at 12:00 the big lot was full and they were parking out in the street.
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    I went Sunday. All I got was 6 packs of Proto 33" flat back wheel sets for $32. Being that I usually pay $9 plus I found it to be a good buy. I brought the family with me thinking there would be Thomas stuff for the kids to play with but they only had a small setup at the front door. My 1-1/2yr old son loved all the modular layouts. Well the admission and food cost me the most... oh well.
  13. green_elite_cab

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    I left with an NEC P42, NS GP38-2, CR GP40-2, 4 SEPTA commuter coachs, 4 23,000 gal. tank cars, and a few trucks.

    I wasn't able to find you MCD. I did try and call, but for whatever reason, my cellphone was not working.
  14. MCD4x4

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    I got there about twenty after ten. I picked up a few tools and a long Island railroad set. Chris, I hung out till about 12 waiting for your call, than we went to Harolds for lunch, good stuff. . I probably could have picked up most of the track today.

    I posted a few track ideas in the thread I started. If you guys wouldn't mind, have a look and let me know what you think. See ya there.. thanks:wave:

  15. ^LOL horn-hooks^

    Nice coaches, and the loco doesn't look like it's in too bad of condition; have you ran/opened it yet?
  16. MCD4x4

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    Yes, it runs fine, I had to reglue one window in a car. All else is fine.

  17. Hey, that's good news.

    They look beautiful. Are they IHC?
  18. MCD4x4

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    Whats IHC?

  19. jambo101

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  20. MCD4x4

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    On the bottom it says, MEHANOTEHNKA IZOLA, made in Yugoslavia.


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