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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by toptrain1, Mar 3, 2007.

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    This is a full month for me. Tomorrow at New Hope PA is the first. It is when your come in from jersey,just off Rt 202 at the first traffic light. It is at the fire house to the left visable from Rt 202.
    Next weekend is The once a year Jersey Central Historical Society train show at Cranford just off the Garden State Parkway.It is in Mother Seaton High school gym.
    The Following weekend the show is the Greenburg show in Edison NJ.
    The Last weekend, Sunday the 25th of March Is the Dover NJ show at the Dover High School.
  2. toptrain1

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    This weeks train show in New Jersey. 3-11-07
    The Jersey Central Historical Society's yearly show. It is always just before St. Patty's Day. You'll find me waiting in line for the doors to open. Their is a 9:00 AM start. The Location is just off of, and east of exit 135 of the Garden State Parkway in Mother Seaton's High School. The gym and lunch room are both used. Their is alot of parking aviable. All scales and railroad relater collectables are here. Everything from N gague locomotives to photographs and time tables.
    C U there ! toptrain
    PS. Also Sun 3 11 07 their is a train show in Wayne NJ At The PAL on Pals drive, Wayne NJ. This is a National Collectors club show. The PAL is east of Rt 23 north bound. This is just north of RT 80. Stay to the right and follow the train show signs.
  3. I got one for anyone in the northern Seattle area:

    North Seattle Community College Model Railroad Club (we're just getting started) is holding a small show Friday, March 16th in the NSCC Baxter Student Events Center. We are looking for people who can bring HO and/or N scale layouts to show. The area is SMALL! so not many people will fit. I'll update this post with the approximate dimensions of the Center once I have them (probably Monday).

    Thanks for reading!

    Our blog: The NSCC Model Railroad Club Blog
  4. Did no one read this? Or is there just no one close enough?
  5. green_elite_cab

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    i live in NJ, so i might go to some of the ones the other guy mentioned.

    when it comes to threads, trainshow threads don't go anywhere because its far to regional. also, people don't usually have comments on it
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    Chaos: I'd love to visit and even display a small layout. Five hundred miles is a bit much for a weekend trip. Incidently, I grew up in Marysville and lived in Edmonds, Kingston, North and South Seattle at various times. Good luck with the show. Jim Krause
  7. GEC: I didn't actually make this thread, but I just thought I'd mention it to see if anyone in the area actually ever came here and was interested.

    Jim: Where do you live now? You could stay the whole


    Just noticed the "location" segment of the avatar zone...*sigh* I'm blind sometimes...
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    i know you didn't make it, but i was just commenting on trainshow threads in general. not to mention there is a upcoming events forum.
  9. Upcoming events what? Ok...thanks GEC I needed that lol
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    Ill be at the Raritan Center Show, Edison, NJ - on both Saturday and Sunday.. Ill be the guy with all the bags full of HO trains, buildings, accessories - LOL. My CFO ( wife ) is a thousand miles away,and I have a few dollars to spend. Actually many dollars.I was able to get my hands on several Hundred pounds of copper. Copper = Pure Cash !!!
    Let the games begin..
  11. green_elite_cab

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    lol, in november i swear i cut off all circulation to my hands. I had a huge bag loaded with amtrak stuff that i didn't even go there to buy. that thing serisously turned my hands purple from holding it.

    note to self- limite of only 2 locomotives per show, and 4 passanger cars per bag/ hand.

    i think i cam back with 3 or 4 locomotives, 5 passenger cars, a caboose, tank car, some assorted bits and pieces, anda 2006 walthers catalog. the locomotives and the catalog already weaighed a ton together.
  12. hooknlad

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    I will see you there, i'm about 10 minutes from there, so i can run home and wash every so many hours.. PS, i'm in tight with the girl that works the register at the cafe, yippee, more choo choo money for me !!! I'll buy you a pretzel there GEC.
  13. toptrain1

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    OK michael and the green guy! I'll be there Sat morning lookin for HO stuff to. I did well at the Cranford show. A pair of Atlas H15-44's in CNJ blue with orange strips. Then a pair of Lackawanna H24-66 made by Athern custom painted. A steamer, and some cars. Edison here we come.
    toptrain frank
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    If you (any of you... ;)) would like your announcement-type posts moved to the Upcoming Events forum (which people do read... :)), please let me or any other moderator know. The only thing we ask is that you please not cross-post (i.e. create another post somewhere else).

  15. D'oh...

    I was pointed by GEC, I'm not posting anything else about it here...please don't lock/delete my post over there!
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    Andrew: Toptrain (frank) here. I looked for and can not locate anything called upcomeing events. Not in forums. Is it a subthread in one of the forums. I am not advertiseing any train shows. Only saying where I am going, and that they exist. If their is a show to go to.
    Frank toptrain
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    Frank: just a question, How much cabbage do you plan on laying out? How many heads?? I try not to refer to $$$ just in case any of our significant others read this great forum?
    Also, Ill know if I should get there earlier, I have a feeling that you will find / buy out all the good deals and not afford the rest of us into any great bargains - lol
    I plan on bringing a few bags of Coleslaw!!!!
  18. green_elite_cab

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    i think i'll only be able to go sunday. on saturday i'm on staten island working. I know i'll miss all the good stuff, lol.
  19. green_elite_cab

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    its in the general talk area as a sub forum.
  20. green_elite_cab

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    yeah, i'm gonna go broke. Yay broke!

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