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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by sgtcarl, Aug 12, 2008.

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    WOW!! What an exciting day! My beautiful wife and I went to the train show in Lynchburg, Va last Saturday. That was our first train show. We frove over on Friday evening, and got back Saturday.
    The announcer said that at noon, there were already more visitors than what they had for the whole show, last year. (This an annual show that just runs for one day.)
    There were vendors everywhere! They had a nice N gauge layout operating just inside the door. My wife took a lot of photos of it.
    I mostly just oohd and aahd. We bought a lot of really neato stuff, incuding some old paper textures that went back to the early 1960's and further. When we got home, we just sorta put things down, and went to bed.
    Yesterday evening, as I was looking at some of the old RR magazines my wife bought, I found an invoice for some model rail stuff that was dated 1939!! I also found some more paper textures that didn't have a date on them, but they were so old, the paper had yellowed and was quite brittle around the edges.
    I'm sure I'll discover more "goodies" as I open more bags, later. I'll post them if anyone is interested.
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    Cool story. Post away!
  3. sgtcarl

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    One of the items my wife saw for sale at the show, was an alligator electric loco. They must be rare, because the seller was asking $1500 for it. It looked in mint condition, tho.
    When I see items like that, I don't look at them for too long. Otherwise my poor feeble brain says, "Oooh! Gotta have it!" even though I don't have a real use for it. For fifteen hundred bucks, I could add a whole lot of other stuff to the layout. Or maybe even start actually building a layout.
    As a sidebar, we picked up a box of 15 pieces of rolling stock for $10.00. All but one item is in running condition. They are vintage cars,with the prototypes dating to the 1930's.
  4. steamhead

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    Sounds like you all had a great time.....!!!! Nothing gets the juices flowing like seeing tons of RR stuff all over the place...


    Let's see some of those treasures....!!
  5. sgtcarl

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    Train Show Photos (I hope)

    So...y'all want photos, huh?
    Well, I hope I can do this correctly. Here are some photos of the rolling stock thas was in the "box of 15 cars for $10.00."







    There are only 3 boxcars, but they all have different illustrations on one side of them.
    Hope you all enjoy. I wil add some more as soon as I figure out how to create an album, on here.:confused:wall1:oops:
  6. steamhead

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    Nice collection - they'll look good in tandem....Are these cars weathered..??

    Let's see so'more....:thumb:
  7. sgtcarl

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    Train Show Redux

    I don't know if they are weathered, or just dusty. I think they may have been weathered, but I don't know if they were run, or just displayed. Any way, here's some more pics! I hope y'all enjoy them!

    More pics later.

    The crane car has a broken string, so the boom won't stay up. (about like me...:oops: I wonder if Cialis would help it??)
    Here is the $1500 Alligator loco I mentioned in my first post:
  8. Triplex

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    I was wondering what you meant by Alligator. To a North American, that nickname normally refers to RSD-15s. I was thinking it might be another kind of centercab electric. That's a Crocodile! ;-)
  9. sgtcarl

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    Well, now, I saw a very old photograph of one in a book, that refered to it as an "Alligator." And since the alligator is now refered to as an American Crocodile... or is it the other way around??? Anyway, I apologize for the error. My bad.
  10. Triplex

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    I'm not sure, but I've heard Europeans call the GG-1 "the American Crocodile". :D
  11. ed acosta

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    I Love Train Shows - North and South

    I have always enjoyed train shows and each one of them has brought a special surprise. Once, while I was at a California train show I saw a Concor Superliner coach with KD couplers and metal wheels and a price tag of $16. I told the seller that (at that time) the coach sold for $10 but without the KDs. Well, he explained that the $16 price was for all of them. There were TEN cars! His wife was mad at him and told him not to come home with any more trains. After my lunch, the seller's son found me and told me to come back and pick up the remaining six cars.

    At another train show I found a brass cab for an AC-11 Cab Forward packaged in a plastic baggie. I asked the seller how much and he said, "A quarter." It sure dressed up my Rivarossi AC-11!

    I paid $10 for six Model Power Harriman coachs with bad paint jobs. However they all had Central Valley sprung trucks. Once I got the batch home I inspected them a little closer only to find that four of the cars were Ken Kidder brass coaches! I stripped them, repainted all of them, and decaled them for the SP.

    Attending my first train show in Canada, it was announced over the speaker that I had won the door prize: a Testors Air Brush.

    An observation about Canadian train shows: Canadian railroad equipment is usually at a premium, however you will find huge discounts on American lines. If you collect American railroad equipment this could be a dream come true. I bought an Athearn UP SW1500 with decoder for $5.
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    Model Railroader Mags

    On my original post,I failed to mention that among the goodies my wife bought, was a large box of old Model Railroader Magazines. They probably aren't in any sort of order, or sequence, but I have found several dating back to 1958! What's cool is that in looking at the ads, one might think, "Wow!!That's sure cheap!" But then one realizes what the dollar was worth then, as compared to now, and the price wasn't so cheap for its time. (In 1958, I was a Junior in high school.) Believe me when I say $14.95 for a nice loco, wasn't so cheap, back then.

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