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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by SP20906, Feb 21, 2004.

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    Hi SP20906, and welcome to the gauge.

    It`s to far for me , so how about you posting a few pics for us??:thumb: :)
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    I never had a problem taking pictures at a railway show, every modeler smiles when his/her layout is getting the attention it deserves.:wave:
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    Re: Re: Train Show

    True, I can always ask first, what I want to do is take of the whole place. Hey, I can e-mail them to find out then if the show place says anything then I can say I got the ok from this group.

    Will let you know.........

    BTW: I am using my towns name [first letter] + zipcode, because I tried logging on with SUNNYVALE_PLASTICVALE but it will not let me on + due to all the Spam + viruse I had to change it anyway.
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    I think it would be common courtesy to ask permission to take photos, a guy I go to(LHS) once almost got tossed out of the show because he got into an argument over someone taking photos of his handbuild trestles.
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    I will
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    From 1979-1987 I had a N scale 36"x72" hollow core door layout that I would display a various train shows..Imagine my shock when the TV reporter asks me if she could use my layout as a lead in shot and interview back ground.

    Mind you this layout was nothing more then a double track main line( with crossovers), 7 track yard with a yard lead,4 track engine service area,6 industries and small town area.This layout was void of mountains and rivers but had a small narrow view block running down the center..There was several more layouts on display that could or would have been better for TV viewing imho.

    I never thought this humble little layout would draw so much attention even though I was told many times it was a great little layout that anybody could build...I still fully believe that layout was one of my better designs.

    Btw not meaning to sound like I am bragging but this layout won a total of 3 awards at local train shows.
    1.1 Best of show.(I almost fainted from shock in receiving that award.)
    2.2 2nd place ribbons..

    Back to topic..Several pictures was taken of this layout at train shows..Some would ask first while others would just take the pictures..I did not mind at all but did wish they would ask before taking pictures so I could move out of the way after all I did not want to break their camera by having my picture taken or end up in somebodies picture album. :eek:
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    I always ask take a few shots and then invite the owner to pose with his creation.
    ALWAYS got on well with the Modlers!!! Mind you being an exhibiter as well may have helped.
    At the last show I videoed some L/O`s that was a Lark;) :D
    Dick aka Clerk, got a copy of that one:wave:
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