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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Kevinkrey, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. Kevinkrey

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    I made it to a local show today, its always my favorite one of the year, (Ralph, you missed some nice deals). I was looking at a both with many DMIR custom cars that were a little high in price, but some nice stuff. I found a booth with Walthers Gold Line CNW covered hoppers, and some misc. cars $7.50 each or 3 for $20, along with a Walthers Gold Line 6 pack of CNW 100 ton hoppers, for $45. The seller told me to tell him what I liked and we could talk. I left looking at other booths but I kept comming back to him and he said, what do you like so much, you keep comming back, I said I like the open and closed CNW hoppers, he sold me the open hoppers and 1 closed hopper for $50, much cheaper than a regular set of the oppen hoppers. I also found a DMIR gondola with log load for $5. A pretty good day!
  2. railohio

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    I got Penn Central Power for $20 last month at Summerail in Cincinnati. I snagged a mint copy of Fred Hyde's Milwaukee Road for a really good price earlier this month, too. What a good summer!
  3. Ralph

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    Sounds great Kevin! Yeah, we had a family gathering today. A favorite cousin of my wife's was in town from DC so a reunion of sort with several family members was planned.

    It was a fun time but I do regret missing the show. Do they still have those flea markets at Woodbury high school that used to be held three or four times a year? I did some searching online but didn't find a reference.

  4. Kevinkrey

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    Im not sure, Ive never gone to one. Whenever Im at Hub Hobby, the train counter always has a bunc of flyers for upcomming shows/events.

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