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    I live in Regina, Sask. right beside the main line. Actually I am close to the Qu'Appelle junction where the main line brakes in 2 and I have 2 tracks running by my place. Lots of trains go by and I was wondering if anyone knew how to get a time table or if one even exists.
    Also, the engins have numbers on them, what dose that tell me?

    Any information would be appreciated.

    Thanks :)
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    Can't speak to the timetable, but the numbers are for identification, sorta like license plates on your car in a way. Easy way for CP to keep track of what locos are where, doing what.

    Different models are typically numbered in the same sequence, based on when they were purchased. There's websites you can check to find out more info on the numbering, although I don't have CP's handy since I don't model it.

    Many CP locos also have their model underneath the large number (i.e., GP-9), and also a category (can't remember the exact nomenclature of that identifier). I'm in Edmonton, about ten blocks from their small yard in Old Strathcona.
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    Many railroads don't actually operate with a schedule, even if they run the same train every day. You might be able to get an old timetable from a RR employee if you ask nicely.
    You can find out all the engine numbers in the Canadian Trackside Guide, which costs about $32. It's the bible I use to add detail to Chris's posts. It lists almost everything about Canadian railroads except freight cars. (I can give details if your hobby shop can't supply.)
    Certain US RRs (SP) used to use the number boards to show the train number. Extra trains were given the number X+lead loco number.
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    Hi TrainClown,
    Just to add a little to our friends comments and help.
    When we did the CP yard tour we were introduced to ONE man who made up the Engine units .
    He was responsible at getting it right, i.e--

    Weight and number of frightcars + load + rout to be taken , considering terrain travelled, + where loss of power WOULD occur from past experiance, ( We where told tunnells can reduce pulling power )
    Also if the train was to rout through the states the different FA ?rules.
    As David said no time table just on demand.

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