Train derails in Calgary railyard, area evacuated as jet fuel spilled

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    Train derails in Calgary railyard, area evacuated as jet fuel spilled

    CALGARY (CP) -- A spill of 110,000 litres of jet fuel caused by a train derailment in an industrial area of southeast Calgary led to road closures and the evacuation of several nearby businesses Wednesday.
    There were no injuries, although one 46-year-old man was examined by emergency crews as a precaution, officials said.

    The puncture occurred when two trains were being moved around in the yard. The tanker was punctured at the bottom by its own wheels, allowing the entire contents of the car to spill out, said CN Rail spokesman Jim Feeny.
    "Both trains were in motion, but at very slow speeds," he said. "Typically a yard move is moving at just a few miles an hour."
    Fire officials said it was a dangerous situation.
    "It's an extreme safety hazard, any kind of spark could set it off," said fire department spokesman John Conley.
    The fire department estimated the spill created a pool about 90 metres long and 60 metres wide. Conley said emergency personnel had to wait for the fuel to drain into the ground before attempting to remove it, as it would be less likely to ignite once mixed with dirt and gravel.
    But Feeny characterized it as a minor incident.
    "There were no injuries, no damage done to anyone or anything," Feeny said. "There was no threat to any workers. The site has been secured. There is no further leakage from the car."
    The cause of the derailment was under investigation.
    Feeny said the railway company resumed operations in its yard at about 5 p.m. on all but the two affected tracks.
    "We will remove the affected soil for treatment or disposal and then remediate the area so there's no contamination," said Feeny.
    (Calgary Herald)
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    Just wanted to let everyone know I had nothing to do with this one! It was in CN's yard!
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    I am sure the poor CN engineer must have been surprised by this. How does a tank cars own wheels manage to puncture it? One would think that dectectors would have shown up faulty trucks. Mike, you are off the hook on this one. Hopefully CPs cat checking is more thorough.

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