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    As a fellow upstate New Yorker, all these derailments are getting to be a bit scary. Fortunately, I am south of the CSX main line by a good 30-40 miles, and all we have is a stub end NS branch which goes up Cayuga Lake to a power plant. They used to have quite a few derailments years ago, and even dumped some cars in the lake; but speeds are slow and they have upgraded the track to welded rail.
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    While derailments are always bad its the news hype that scares me the most..The news seems to hype everything these days.
    I recall when a tank car of corn sweetener derailed it was reported as "A tank car carrying hazardous material derailed"..Yet,if one would look and read they would see "Corn Sweetener" on the tank car!! The news report was amended later to say it was a load of corn sweetener.
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    Brakie: I often can't even understand a news story on railways. If they wrote sports stories that carelessly, an angry mob would burn down the press building.
  4. I agree yet when a train that was loaded with propane and some other chemical that i cant remember derailed behind my wifes parents house (2007) about 1500 ft back and less than a mile from us the local fire dpt could not find a bill of lading for any of the cars and the crew was not sure of what they had. any how i agree the press tends to blow 99.9% of the story to what they want to see and hear.

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