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    I have one loop of track with 4 sidings,non problem is the transformer is too far from the track.I do not have the track in is all wired as one block with the sidings insulated to park trains on.the loop is like a dog bone with 30 feet distance to the ends so cannot see the train from the transformer to switch to the sidings.I want to stay with dc control,thanks for any help
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    It sounds like what you are looking for is a walk-around throttle. These vary from a very simple throttle on a tether that you can build yourself to a quite complex wireless setup using commercial components.

    Making good recommendations is rather difficult until you provide more information, such as how comfortable are you with building your own throttles from a circuit? Will you be using the existing power pack as the power supply (and if so what kind is it? What outputs?)? Do you want wireless or a tether? Will this be a second controller, and will you wire your layout into blocks for 2 train operation? If you use a tether, does it have to stretch 30ft? Or does your walk-around throttle have to plug into the layout in multiple places (means running a throttle bus to the jacks)? If you are using multiple jacks, do you want your train to keep running while you unplug and plug your throttle back in (called memory on many throttles)? If you use memory, do you want panic buttons for when you can't regain control as quickly as you need to?

    All this, and more features are readily available for DC throttles - just not at your local hobby shop or commonly advertised in the magazines.

    my thoughts, your choices
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    basic walkaround

    the most basic walkaround throttle can be made with a project box, a double pole two position switch, and a rheostat. MRC used to sell rheostats separately. I used to get a long four conductor wire run two wires from the track terminal of the power pack to the project box, through the rheostat, and then through the switch, wired as a reverser back to the other two conductors that would go back to the throttle area, where they would be hooked to the wires to the layout.

    The powerpack would then be turned on, with the rheostat turned to 100 percent (or less if I was trying to slow down my locomotives), and they could be controlled by the tethered throttle.

    If you can solder, they are a cinch to put together. when I was a teenager I had three of these with 25 foot cords.

    I have three commercial unplug-able memory walk-around throttles on my current RR, one is an Innovator 2000, and the other two are from a company I'm desperately trying to remember the name of right now.

    I have a fourth throttle, that is a radio throttle when I can dind the name of the manufacturers I'll try to post them. I built my RR 18 years ago, and my memory is not that great.

    Bill Nelson

    also, at the club I have an MRC unit with a memory walkaround built it, also it's name eludes me at this time.
  4. Bill Nelson

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    an inexpensive option

    I have been looking around, but DCC has really eaten into the DC options easily available ; ant the first several options I ran into were expense, but I found an relatively inexpensive one.

    In the current Walther's catalog, Scale shops offers a hand held 1.5 amp throttle kit 649-1316 for $39.98, or assembled 6491316 for $69.96

    the MRC control Master 20, like I have at the club Walther's number 500-444 $249.98 is an excellent throttle with memory walkaround you can unplug the hand held, and your locomotive will kee running at the last setting until the controller is plugged back in. The base unit has a loud cooling fan, so if you like quiet you would have to locate it remotely. the hand held uses a phone wire plug, so it is easy to mount phone jacks around the layout, wire them to the base unit, and you can plug in the remote throttle in several locations.

    I use my MRC unit at the club, because the innovator 200, which I use at hove, also has phone plugs, and if you plug a control master throttle int to an phone jack hooked up to the innovator base, you will let the smoke out of the MRC hand held, which in accordance with the smoke theory of electronics, renders the MRC hand held inoperable.

    I am studying the MRC tech 6 and hand held for addition to my systen (it has sound controls for dual mode decoders built in). this is not a cheap option, and will run over $200. but will provide sound support for the HOn3 Blackstone c-19 I will be receiving soon.

    I will try to do some research and see if the GML units I use on my RR are still available. they are very nice, have memory features, plug in with a headphone jack, and have momentum and braking freatures.

    Bill Nelson
  5. Bill Nelson

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    The GML units are still available, not cheap, but excellent control. I have two, although I very seldom use the second. my block system is set up with five throttles, but five operators are very crowded in my aisles. here is a link to GML's site.

    Bill Nelson

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