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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by WM-N-fan, Aug 12, 2002.

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    Today I saw a NS intermodual train go by at about 70 MPH. I chased her for about 25 miles. This time I shot it with a digital camera, but unfortnately I'm not sure if you can post digital 15 sec. clips. Anyways I caught it at an at grade crossing outside of Chambersburg Pa. It was powered by what I belive are GP60's. A team of four were used. The train was on NS's New York to Atlanta mainline. The containers and trailers werre bound for Port Elizabeth, New Jersey. I chased the train down US 11, going 80 MPH on a 50 MPH zone! I finally got a lead and turned down a country road to watch it at a grade crossing. It was amazing seeing about 200 cars approach you at about 70 MPH!
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    I had a similar chase this past weekend of a southbound on the Indiana & Ohio. Chased that booger for almost thirty miles. Ended up shooting him six times, and breaking some speed limits in the process. :D
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    I recall chasing the 765 through Northern Kentucky back in the 80s. I have heard stories how those NPK Berks could flat out get it on down the line,but I never thougt I would see one in the 80s. I was doing 50 in my car and she walk off and left me! I finally caught her in Maysville KY cooling her heels at a red block. I always thought steam locomotives was restricted to 35 mph.Silly me. :D
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    You mean there are speed limits when you're train chasing????

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    Steamer speed limit

    There is a rule of thumb that steam locos are limited to miles per hour of the driver diameter in inches.
    This has been broken many times.

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