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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by hudsonelectric, Mar 20, 2004.

  1. Hey Chris, Jet, & Crew!

    Any suggestions on traction magazines that I should consider subscribing to? I think that there's a few out there, I just don't know what they're like. Thanks!

  2. interurban

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    Hi Russ,
    I dont buy any Mags now, May be I should!!
    But have a collection (big) of old mags.
    I am sure these are still in production.
    Scale model Traction and Trolleys (quarterly)
    C/O Vanishing Traction Products
    po box 04016
    Wiisconsin 53204

    The other mag is called Trolly Talk.
    I will post info later.
  3. jetrock

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    I recommend looking around for old issues of TRACTION & MODELS, they come up on eBay once in a while. They were the best combination of historical information and modeling ideas that I have seen in magazine form.

    I think there are one or two contemporary trolley magazines but the ones I have seen don't contain a whole lot of modeling information.

    Your best bet, other than TRACTION & MODELS, is keeping an eye open for back issues of MR that featured traction--the aforementioned O'Dell County feature, the Brandywine Transit Co. feature from the mid-seventies, etcetera. I also recommend finding a copy of Kalmbach's TRACTION GUIDEBOOK (also out of print--again, try eBay.)
  4. interurban

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    You are right on the money Jetrock, of which I have quite a few:D

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  5. 60103

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    You may also find old issues of "Trolley Talk". I see bound volumes at shows.
    There are also local interest mags. I think "Rollsign" is Boston based.
  6. Thanks for the info, guys! I have the traction books from Carstens and I located the Scale Models Traction & Trolley Quaterly website. Looks like subscription time here! I'll have to keep my eyes open for the others...I think I've seen back issues on eBay....I'll have to check. Thanks again! :wave:

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