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  1. Here's that shot of the Cannonball Car Shops 40 Ton GE Switcher. The unit uses modified Bachmann 44 Ton diesel motor trucks and chassis, truck sides, motor mountings, and other details from AMB LaserKit. This one is built with the arched windows, the other one in progress will have the sqyare windows and a different style pilot. The Hudson Electric uses these for yard moves and local drills.

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    nice looking hudsoneleltric. Sounds like you are located just up the road from me.
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    Welcome to The Gauge, having another juicer has made Interurban one happy camper. Love the steeplecab, that green is too, too cool. Are the power trucks modified in any way to fit under those sloping hoods?
  5. Thanks for the welcome, shaygetz! The Bachmann model is basically scrapped...all that's kept are the two motors and trucks. The motors are turned sideways on the chassis allowing for the hoods to clear. If anyone is interested in these, they're still available from the manufacturer, but the stock is low. That's why I always buy in pairs. The green is pullman green, Scalecoat II. The decals were custom made for my road. The Class D Baldwins that I get later on this year will be painted in a tuscan red. The pants are KMT/Precision Scale that I picked up, oddly enough, from a parts dealer at the National Narrow Gauge Convention when it was held in Warwick, RI a couple of years ago. I still have to add the window glazing, constant & reversing headlight, DCC decoder, and a crew that won't park 'n snooze between drills!
    Oh, the guy on the platform was hired from Weston, my favorite line of figures and, IMHO, the best ever made.

    Russ :wave:
  6. Ah, the Silver Sands of Milford!

    Pleased to meet you! Not too far, Bill. I'm in Ansonia. My wife works in Orange and I used to live in Milford and Branford over the years. By the way...ever been to The Hobby Shop on Rt. 80 in North Branford? They'll order anything and Art, the model railroad manager, is an expert modeler and one heck of a great guy. There's a local bunch that hangs out there every Saturday morning around 10:00 hiding from wives and ducking out from chores. Me too, occassionally. What do you model and where do you buy your supplies?

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    Nice looking locomotive!:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    And welcome to the Gauge, Russ.
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    :D :D :D :D :D :D NICE
    Hi again Russ, I have a friend in Ottawa building the same steeple cab.
    You have done a great job on her SO GLAD YOU PUT A PAN ON HER:p :thumb:
    How does she run???
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    Welcome to the Gauge Russ. Now you have Chris wanting one like yours. Great model.
  10. Re: Welcome

    Really haven't run her much outside of a few test runs to make sure the motor gearing was lined up. A bit noisy, but smooth so far...and good @ slow speeds: important for a small switcher! The crew went Hollywood on pre-construction requests...over-stuffed seats, a/c in the cab, complete sound proofing with sound system, etc. Those Weston figures sure are hard to please! :D
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    I have one of those kits in my "to build" pile--the only problem I've found is that the kit is too small to effectively represent the prototype I model (Sacramento Northern) but I may make use of elements of the kit in other models, or just find some way to "beef up" the 40-tonner to resemble the 60-ton version somewhat, prototype be damned. Nice to see what you've done with it...

    I too am going to get one of those Baldwin-D's...I have high hopes for that kit!
  12. Hey, Jet!

    Good to hear from you. I like the larger GE steeple cab locos with the slant hoods, too. I also looked to the SN for ideas to help me out with this one. I put in my order with MRR Warehouse for a pair of the Baldwin Ds and need to get the power trucks, too. I really like the look of the SN locos...maybe you can see some of that in my model. I have the large angled number board pn the other side! :thumb:

    Russ :sleeping: :wave:
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    Hi Jet and welcome to the gauge.

    SO GLAD to here you are modeling the Sacramento Northern:thumb:
    One of my Favorite lines, they had a great electric road in the old days.
    Some photo`s for ya:wave:

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    A great road to model.
    Post some pics when you can Jet.

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    heart goes ka-thump ka-thump like a brake compressor!!

    One of the projects on my "to-do" list is a model of SN 404, like the flat-motor above but with small covers over the hardware on the end platforms, making it resemble a steeplecab (and therefore easier to power with a Bowser mechanism!

    My layout is fairly tiny at this point--a 6-foot shelf layout based on the X Street portion of the Sacramento downtown belt line. It is currently the "post-traction" era on my layout (haven't put up wire yet) but it will soon be backdated to the 1946-1953 era when diesel 44-tonners shared Sacramento's streets with electrics. I'll post some photos once things are a little more "ready for prime time."

    I can definitely see the SN influence in your GE model--it does look very nice! The good examples I've seen of that model are what tempts me to model one as an SN motor despite the weight discrepancy...

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