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    coupler hanging up on swtiches

    Hello all, I'm having a problem with two Athreans cars. The little cables that hangs down under the coupler ( the ones that simulate hookup cables ) keeps hanging up on the one of my switches. I've looked & looked at it and I don't know why it's happening. I have bachmann EZ track on my lay out if that matters, I don't know. Could I snip that cable shorter? I thought I would ask the experts before I do that.:confused:
    hanks Scoobie
  2. Scoobie, Sounds like you are describing Kadee couplers, probably # 5's. The curved trip lever should not be shortened unless you want to disable it as in semi permanent coupling locos together. Instead gently give it more elevation by bending it with needle nose pliers, enough to just clear the track. There are pliers specifically design to do this and are well worth the money especially if you plan to use kadees on all your equipment. There is also a height gauge you can get to insure all your couplers are at the correct height. This should be done before you alter trip levers. Joe :thumb:
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    scoobie: I assume that the coupling trip pin is wire? (If it isn't, we're into a different topic).
    Check that the coupling is the right height compared to your other cars. If the whole coupling is low, you can raise the car (washers between the truck and the underframe), or replace the coupling with an offset shank.
    To bend the pin tighter, take a pair of long-nose or needle-nose pliers. One jaw goes on the top of the coupling where the pin is; the other jaw at the bottom end of the trip pin. Very gently squeeze. Test and maybe repeat. Be gentle -- too much pressure and the pin will double up -- no more dragging, but no more uncoupling.

    Incidentally, the trip pins are supposed to resemble air brake hoses (air bags to some railroaders).

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