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    Just a quickie question.
    In an N-scale layout what is the recommended minimum track center line to track center line spacing for parallel tracks?

    Appreciate any help,
  2. roch

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    I would guesse that it would depend upon clearance of 2 trains passing safely upon a curve in the layout. Don't quote me on that.

  3. jmurphy148

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    I did find a reference in Westcott's book that specifies 1" for straight track and broad curves.

  4. alcuin

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    I don't know what's recommended, but the parallel tracks on mine are spaced 1 5/16" apart. If the tracks are on cork roadbed, that's about as close together as they can be.
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    If there are medium to sharp curves watch out for the overhang of long cars and locos.
  7. MasonJar

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    Roger has provided the definitive answer - it's a link to the NMRA Recommended Practices... Most of the model railroad equipment produced these days conforms to these standards and RP's.

  8. rogerw

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    Here is one that might help also. Check what class of train you will be running on top of page and go to the radius you will be using.
    S-8 Track Centers
  9. Triplex

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    Westcott halved HO values for N. Since N is about 5/9 of HO, his values won't work. 1" is just over 13' in scale - a common prototype spacing for straight tracks, though nowadays railroads generally do it wider. Modellers, especially in the smaller scales, often can't space tracks as closely as the real thing.
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