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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by darius28z, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. darius28z

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    hi there need some advice ive been laying the foam road bed down on my drawn out layout i have 2 main lines the outside is a 22 in radius and the inside is 18 inch radius i used the sharpie and yard stick method to attain this. and the tplan is out of an atlas plan guide for a 4/8 ive strched it out to a 10 by 53 inch .my problem is before i completley lay down all the road bed i went to the lhs to get a remote turnout left and right to kinda see where my road bed should go but i noticed that the switching radius seems to be off a bit when i connect some flex to it it bends wrong and doesnt follow my radius do i have the wrong radius switchers ?? i layed my road bed right on the outside of my sharpie like to lay the rest of my roadbed but am now scared i might have to tear it up and start over is this somthing that is critical or can i lay it down and look for the right peices later.its basiclay 2 ovals with a reversing loop in middle with 2 90 degree crossings to some dead stops in middle with the ability to switch from out mainline to inner.atlas calls it the eagle route in ther trac plan guide..thanks for any help..
  2. nachoman

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    are they atlas turnouts? Atlas sells two lines - the "snap switch" and the "custom line". The snap switches are made to particular curvature of the diverging track, and the custom line are made to a certain frog number (angle between the tracks).

  3. darius28z

    darius28z New Member

    yes atlas code 100 item 850 the trck plan was origianly set up for easy trac but i didnt want to use pacaging if this helps.thanks
  4. darius28z

    darius28z New Member

    yes snap switch is on the package
  5. Voice2

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    Not sure if this will help, but here goes........

    Get at least one of each of your turnouts (1 left and 1 right). You can photocopy more actual size if you don't want to buy all of the ones in your plan right away.

    Put them ALL down on your benchwork where they will go, do this first!

    Then take your roadbed (I'm assuming you are going to use flex track between the turnouts) and connect the turnouts. You can gradually transition from the turnout to the radius of the curve by doing this.

    This method should make everything line up for you. Just be careful and get your radius's correct from your plan on all of your curves.

  6. 60103

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    the Snap switch has 1 1/2" of straight track before the curve begins. You have to allow for this -- you can't just drop a switch into an 18" radius curve.
  7. darius28z

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    thanks guys i kinda figured it out ,i moved my road bed and brought out my turn a little and that seemed to do the trick ..your right you just cant drop them in the turn ..
  8. sammyd

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    I've noticed that some of the Atas track plans will require a bit of fudging to work.

    I tried duplicating their stuff on their right track software and a few times it won't go together as nicely as shown in their books.

    Most notably the super pretzel from book #9

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