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    I have a G Scale train, that runs about a foot below the ceiling. The track is brass and most of the wheels are metal with several plastic sets. The track gets so dirty after 3 or 4 passes that the locomotive looses electrical contact. Where by, I clean it and everything is fine for another 3 or 4 passes. What will make cleaning occur less often?
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    I'm assuming that you don't want to spend a lot of money for new track. If you do, go with nickle silver or stainless rail. there is also aluminum rail available. You can build a cheap but efficient rail cleaner from a piece of masonite and a couple of nails and attach it to the underside of a car. Then there is the battery pack and radio control which solves the dirty track problem completely.
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    The first would be to find the source of the dirty and grime. My first thought would be excess lubrication to the engine and wheels, including the rolling stock.

    Now if it is that dirty I would expect that all the wheels would need a good cleaning in addition.

    In any event having to clean the track every four passes is not normal for any track. Not even the best track cleaning device could tackle this problem.
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    I can only tell you what I have found out, and what I do. I go to a pediatric clinic every couple weeks to take care of their trains, 2 G layouts. It took a while, but ALL metal wheels was part of my solution. These trains run every day, and ocassionally, all nite. I use alcohol to clean the tracks, then on each end of a curve I put a couple drops of Wahl clipper oil and kind of spread it with my fingers. They run almost flawlessly for weeks, until I get back. The tracks aren't too dirty, but I clean them anyway. The minimum diameter for G is 4', and that is what they run on. As long as you have plastic wheels, you have potential problems. Clean the track, clean all wheels, then run only what has metal wheels and see what happens.

    Ive had trains running there for several years, and this is what my experience has shown me. There is more to be said, but this is all I know.

    Hope this helps.

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    You didn't mention cleaning your wheels. If you don't, the dirt goes rght back on the tracks.
    Search the forum for "track cleaning" and "wheel cleaning". You'll find enough suggestions o keep you busy for a year.

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