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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by pennman, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Ok guys lets see what you all have? Ive been working on these and they need to be fine tuned. I'm looking for that city type industrial area like you would find in phili,trenton, Newark and Jersey city in the 60's lots of industy and city streets with track running down both sides.
    There was an article last month if Model trains about the old Erie crane company and that is right along the lines of what I want just cant seem to get it scaled the way I want. What you are seeing is just sections of what I have drawn.
    Let me know be cruel..:thumb:

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  2. MasonJar

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    I don't see any pictures... If you are having trouble, click the photo link in my signature to go to a little tutorial on uploading photos to The Gauge.

  3. pennman

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    they are there now

    Sorry, new at this picture thing I'm trying
  4. it looks as you have 2 drawings or is it all gonna b one? as for scaling it out how much room do you have to work with? do you plan on having this on a 4x8 sheet of plywood or something diffrent or are you looking for a shelf type of layout?
  5. pennman

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    layout size

    The layout is going to be "U" shaped, 14'x12'x14" some will be 30" wide while the rest will be 24" all switching with a small yard point to poin t operation
  6. ok so your loooking to take that art puzzle up there and make it into that shape of layout right?
  7. pennman

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    Art work

    Well yes, there are 2 drawings when post it looks to become one but yes. I have to get a connection piec together for them. :)
  8. pennman

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    Need Some Input Here

    Come on guys I know there are more opinions out there, Be constructive and let me knowannounce1
  9. MasonJar

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    I think what we need is an idea of how that fits together, and where the walls/windows/doors/access points are. Can you draw up the entire room for us?

    For example, your second picture - I think that if it is HO scale, and the grid is 1 foot, and the top edge is against the wall, your reach to the tracks is too far at almost 36 inches. Most peole can comfortably reach about 24 - 30".

    Another example - your yard in the first picture looks as if the tracks are quite close together - 6 tracks in under 8 inches, if the grid is 1 foot.

    Give us some more info about the room, the scale, the orientation, and how things fit together. Hope that helps.

  10. pennman

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    the room

    The room is 14'x12'x14 no windows or doors to get in the way The layout is Nscale The total with will be 30"wide, The layout itself atleast what I had in mind was a point to point massive switching layout all city scapepretty much based on the chemical coastline of New Jersey since this is where I grew up. Use to watch all the fallen flags go by every day.
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    layout drawings

    Just to clear somethings up, the drawings are of 2 seprate designs,but the more i looked at them i realized I coud rotat the lower drawing and connect it to the left side of the upper drawing. The biggest issue I have is I'm not sure of the scale and space issue, I dont want it to be to busy but I do want it to have the large amount of switching that I'm us to seeing the industrial distics of the cities I grew up around.

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