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    Hello again everyone,
    I have been away from the forum for a very long time (too Long), and I am ready to get back into my outdoor layout. Here is a picture of what I have so far. I put some heavy fabric down so I wouldn't have to mow or weed in between my track and layout. It's not much, but it is much bigger than the layout I have out front that is being over taken by weeds as I write this...LOL What I was hoping for is some help with a track plan. For the life of me I can't seem top come up with something other than a "L". I don't have any switches yet for siding or or anything. I don't mean to sound like I want you to do my work for me. On the contrary, I am hope to combine our collective ideas into one great little railroad. I have about 300' of track and my curves are 8' diameter. I probably have close to 3 full circles of 8's.
    Thank you and I hope you can help me out.,
    Matt Myers (central PA)

    Here are the dimentions.
    The upper "L" is 13'10"wide the side of the "L" is 30'long the long staright is 58'long and the right edge is 20.5' deep

    I have the fabric pretty secure and I plan on "staking" my track to the ground as well.
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    my garden railroad is a loop 30 feet long and 20 feet wide,with lots of plants and a small pond.I started out with a garden layout back in 1993,had lots of switches and sidings and it had 3 circles around 75 feet long and 25 feet wide.problem is over the years the switches fail, and the track needs constant maintence.allways have to level it,went to battery power saved a lot of work on the track.I would say keep it simple just a couple loops in dog bone shape looks good.insted of spending a lot of cash and hard work on switches and tons of track,try adding a small pond,tonnel,or small mountians with plants.bonsi trees look great in a garden railroad.give battery power a try you don,t have to keep the track clean and no conections to worry about
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    I also have a quite simple layout. I just enjoy watching the trains go round, however I find that I need at least one siding to park a train in to allow for more then one to be on the layout at a time. I run battery power and have had good luck with it so far.


    this is a picture of my layout from last summer. I hope to get some more plants and structures on the layout this fall. right now I haven't done much because the temps are around 110 out.

    hope this gives you some ideas. I think with outdoor layouts simple is better.

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